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"Sergeant" again.

The day before yesterday,my work was in order before I left for the New Year holidays!

I went to stationery shop near my office to buy a mechanical pencil refill on duty on that day.

I brought three mechanical pencil refills to the cashier.And she said,"We wage a campaign of this stationery now,so you can get a certain gift products...which one do you want?".I replied to her "Oh,what?". And she said with a smile "You can choose three from among these!"


...I got these gift products!

Yes,these are mini stamps of the characters in "Sergeant Keroro".It was a big surprise... Maybe I was linked by fate with them this year ! haha I didn't know that I can get such gift products.I heard there is eight different kinds of stamps from her...but I have no intention of completing these,because I don't need such a many mechanical pencil refills! She said,"If you buy a mechanical pencil refill of another manufacturer,you can get a gift product of the character that is not "Sergeant Keroro" but "One piece",but I chose "Keroro" without any hesitation...I reconfirmed love for frog goods.haha...

Oh,I forgot to say this.When I had selected three characters...she said,

"Oh,I see...Sergeant,Private Second Class,and Corporal,right?"

...Why does she call them by their ranks?

By the way...Do you get prepared for a trip ahead of time?

Actually,I haven't started to pack yet.Because there is a big chance that I add useless stuffs to my baggage before my departure if I get prepared ahead of time.

My sister is always somewhat irritable, and she has a converse view about such a thing.So I feel like she is irritated every time before my trip...(because I don't get prepared for a trip ahead of time every time).But this time,she don't say anything,I guess it's because she is quite looking forward to get souvenirs of HK...haha

Oh,of course I already made a checklist to prepare for a trip!!! I have to do a little shopping tomorrow !

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me too, I usually do everything at the last minute. i just try to check before hand if there's nothing that I can't forget.
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i haven't packed for my trip yet either. i leave on tuesday morning! :-( ps - did you hear the news about JC?
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I think I would choose One Piece. haha Just don't pack too much!
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ケロロ軍曹... それから タママ二等兵... そして ギロロ伍長 でした!
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  >Remi Wow,I'm glad to hear that.I'd better check my luggage once again from now...Thanks! :-)   >Etchy I guess everything will be OK,because you have a lot of experience with overseas travel~! ;-) Have a safe journey!!   >musicnote Do you like "One Piece" better than "Keroro"?I used to read "One Piece".   >bleupluie 私はこの3人(3匹?)が一番好きだな~。
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I tendto prepare quite a bit, but leave packing until the last minute and always forget something. Last time I forgot to pack my nightshirts and toothbrush! Cute free gifts, I remember that I first heard of Keroro from your blog :)
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