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See you next week!


Happy New Year to all my page visitors. May you all have a healthy,happy, joyful and prosperous year throughout 2008 !!!

I went to do shopping yesterday...finally, I have finished packing.And I ate toshikoshi noodles last night.Japanese people traditionally eat toshikoshi noodles on New Year's Eve.

BTW,I got an E-mail from mew yesterday.It snowed where she is,so it remains possible that some of the flights might be annulled due to the snow.I hope the plane will take off on schedule tomorrow!!

**Probably I'll see here next time,after I get back from the trip.

I'll set out to mew's place after almost an hour.I'd better go...See you next week !!! **

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happy new year! enjoy HK!
over 12 years ago
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Happy New Year! Have fun in HK!
over 12 years ago
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i need to eat. 麵,看起來好好吃喔!!!
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Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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