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"Rush Hour 3"

"Rush Hour 3" premiered today in Japan.I went to the movie theater to watch it with my sister. I liked this movie!!

I bought the pamphlet of this movie(the total number of pages is 22 pages, 600yen).And, I got the handbill of movie " Rogue Assassin" which Jet Li had starred.

The movie "Rogue Assassin" will be screened from October 6th in Japan!

                     (at Shijo ohashi) 四条大橋

                     (Shinkyogoku-dori) 新京極通り

It was very hot today,because the highest temperature of Kyoto was about 36 degrees.We thought that we might suffer heat stroke...  To prevent heat stroke,it is important to drink water and take in salt,as they are lost in sweat.So we went to the convenience store to buy some drink. Then, we discovered a strange bag of candy there!!

"Candies to avoid dehydration"...

The candies was made to prevent people from heat stroke.

People who work in construction can't replace the water they lost anytime they want.Therefore, if they eats this candy even if they can't drink water,they can replace fluid and salinity lost in sweat.

This candy is lemon taste,but it changed into saline taste on the way...

Anyway,I can't clearly assert that this is delicious,but this taste is not unpalatable to me...

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That's a strange candy. I really like honey lemon candy though. Have you tried it before? Nice pictures!!
almost 13 years ago
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i haven't been to kyoto in almost 1.5 years, i should go back!
almost 13 years ago
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  >musicnote I heard that "熱中飴" thinly distributed now,because it is extremely popular among people who work in construction... :-O Yes,I like honey lemon candy,too:)   >Etchy Oh,you should go back! ;) haha. 京都に来るなら知らせてね~(笑)
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i may go back sometime soon. i want to visit a friend of mine in Shiga...
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Wow,is there your friend also in Shiga? It has a heavy fall of snow in Shiga,so I guess you had better not go there at dead of winter...But if you like snow,I have nothing to say. =)
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last month, the temprature in GZ was 36 degrees almost everyday! >_<
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These hot and humid days really wear me down...When I go outside for work ,I feel it's like sauna! :( Is GZ humid?
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