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Red Bean Bread Man(Anpan man)

I was able to see this number "22,222" on my blog a few days ago! ...Sorry,I just wanted to say about that.haha

Well,I found out this bread at a nearby supermarket today when I went to buy my lunch.

Do you know "Anpan man"? He is a popular heroic character for Japanese children!

"Anpan(アンパン)" means "bun filled with red bean paste",so I imagined this is naturally such kinds of bread when I saw his face on the top of the bread.I ate this bread,but there was no red bean paste in this bread at all... I can say he did something quite unexpected! haha

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Bleupluie 89 sono
アンパンマンだ~!超カワイイ~ 今はもう22,501 だよ!
over 12 years ago
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I have a cell phone strap of anpan man! hehe I think Japanese buns look so good. What is the most famous bun? I have tried melon pan before.
over 12 years ago
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wow all the two's!!! Anpan sounds nice but I would be annoyed to find no red bean paste in it :(, I love red bean!!! lol, but I guess like a lot of character licensed goods, it has nothing to do with the character or their world
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