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quack doctor ?

Daniel broke his leg the other day.That reminded me that I broke my leg a long time ago.

At that time, I was working for a small bookstore.It happened when delivering the books to the customer.My right ankle swelled up at once,but I thought that I sprained it.I went to the orthopedics department near the bookstore and got the doctor's opinion.

In the end,I realized my right ankle was not sprain,but sprain fracture.When I was shocked to hear the fact, my mind became a complete blank,because I had never fractured...

But the doctor said laughingly to me.

"What color do you want?"I said,

"...pardon?" Then he said,

"In this hospital,there is five kinds of colors of leg brace.These colors are blue,red,green,black,yellow.Which one do you want?Choose whichever you want." In my head I said that "Are you crazy?? Don't you understand patient's feelings?". I anemically said,because I was in an abstracted state,"I don't care about any color..."Then, he chose blue.So my first leg brace was blue.But in retrospect I wish I had said "black" at that time.

BTW,when I suffered a bruise to my neck and got the doctor's opinion at a future date,he was seeing the roentgenogram of my neck.And he said,

"Oh!Unbelievable!"I asked him,

"...What?"Then he said,

"Your joint of the neck is more than that of the normal person,because your neck is long. I have never seen neck like you!!"

He said so as if I'm a monster...(-_-;)

Finally,I went to another hospital.When I told the doctor his story,

"What did you say? No way!!The number of joints of human's neck are same!! hahaha!!!"The doctor was having a hearty laugh...

That man is a quack doctor...? Oh,I don't understand...

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That's amusing. I've never sprained or broken anything. Hope I never will. But I have been to plenty of doctors for other reasons.
almost 13 years ago
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ha. there are some japanese doctors have bad 'bedside manner' i heard from my doctor friend in Kyushu that they don't tell the patient they have a problem if it is terminal disease. so crazy!
almost 13 years ago
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  >peachey Wow,you are so lucky! When I got hurt,my outer malleolus touched on the ground.I shudder at the memory...   >Etchy You have doctor friend?Great. umm...exactly,if the patient has terminal disease,the doctor conceals it to the patient! Because the patient must be despair.
about 13 years ago
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Weird doctors. haha. That's funny he asked what color you wanted...I didn't know people cared about the color.
almost 13 years ago
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Why wasn't there a normal white color of leg brace in that hospital?It's just weird to think...(^_^;)
almost 13 years ago
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i went to a dermatologist once for a little commn pinkish blemish on my face, and when he looked at it, he kept saying things like, "wow! hm. how interesting.". i asked him what it was, he said he had no clue and that if it didn't kill me, then it was probably okay. i give that type of advice all the time, where's my $400/hour fee?
almost 13 years ago
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Oh...So hasn't your blemish healed yet? I had a examination in a certain hospital when I caught a cold. And I was prescribed the cold medicine by the doctor.The symptom of my cold didn't change at all though three weeks passed.I asked him,"I can't get rid of the cold though I take the medicine every day.Why?"And he suddenly got angry without reason."I don't know!Probably,the medicine of my hospital is just incompatible with you.Go to other hospitals!" After all, I went to other hospitals,and I healed sufficiently in a few days. It is very difficult to look for a good doctor!! :(
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jiushi: in the US doctors will not lie to a patient, even if they are 100% going to die. We believe it is important to know the reality, rather than to mislead the patient (don't they become angry if they find out they are dying and everyone knew but them!?! they don't have a chance to prepare!)
almost 13 years ago
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Yes,I think so,too.I want doctor to say so,if I have terminal disease, and might die.I wanna have chance to prepare! In Japan,first of all, the doctor says patient's condition to the family.I think that the family decides whether to say that to the patient.
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