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Next Jan...

I'll be busy for the next month...

I'm gonna HK with mew from the 2nd to 5th,and we're gonna Osaka to see Bon Jovi's concert in about ten days after we returned from HK trip!

Two months ago,I was able to reserve tickets for the concert of Bon Jovi ( ←Page that the link represents automatically play music.Please pay attention to the volume if you wanna check this site )that will be held on Jan next year in Osaka.The tickets finally made its way to my home the other day~~!  

In Jan it may be more difficult for me to take time off as my company is usually busy.But I'll absolutely go to their concert!!  I'm looking forward to seeing them!

And I'll go to watch a movie " Mr.Bean's Holiday" with my sister other day because we love Rowan Atkinson! hehe

This is Thane Camus's book about conversational English for Japanese who can't speak English.He has an enviable ability that can speak not only English, but also reasonably fluent Japanese...

I bought this book last month for my next HK trip,and I was often reading it.However, while I had the flu,I could't read this.It's about three weeks...  Now,I feel like I forgot sentences that I have learned.But I noticed that we have to go on a trip after almost a week!


...Oh,no,no! Not funny~~!

 This is bad.I have to read this again!!

I bought this suit case by mail order the other day,but this was bigger than expected...

I'll stay at mew's place on 1st Jan,and we are scheduled to leave for HK next day.As I said,we'll travel to HK and Macau from the 2nd to 5th.Finally,we would come back from HK on the 5th,and I'll come back to my home next day !! Though I have to work at my office from the 7th!  Oh~~~ !!

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i can speak english and somewhat fluent japanese! not so special. :-P i need to get a new suitcase too.
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Have a good trip! And have fun at the concert~
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  >Etchy Yes,I know he isn't the only one who has such an ability,so I'm envious of you too~~!hehe ;-)   >musicnote Thanks! :-) I'm looking forward to this travel,and really hope we can return safely home!!
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Nice suitcase, very snazzy! I love Bon Jovi, great band, they were my first ever introduction into Rock, back in the 80's.
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Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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