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New year greeting cards

I went to the movie theater to watch " National Treasure - Book Of Secrets" with my sister yesterday. And I bought the pamphlet of this movie(the total number of pages is 28 pages, 600yen).I liked this movie!! hehe  I'm not sure if I love Nicholas Cage as an actor or not,but I watched a lot of his movies so far...it's because I love the movie "The Rock".

Of course I'm gonna watch his latest movie " Next" next year !!

And, I got the handbills of other movies( Sweeney Todd, MR.BEAN'S HOLIDAY, Sergeant KERORO, Kurosagi the movie)...

Then, we went to certain post office.The signs there says :"Please drop new year greeting cards into a post box as soon as possible (no later than December 25th)"...

Whether or not Japanese(especially adults) celebrate x'mas depends on the person,because we place more emphasis on the New Years holiday and less on x'mas.

Basically,we live in a culture in which we're supposed to send new year greeting cards,and for us,one of the pleasures of New Years holiday is receive new year greeting cards from friends and acquaintances.Usually we intend to prepare their cards by December 25th,so that they arrive on the first of January.So I had to prepare them as soon as possible,but I couldn't do so due to the flu...

**I'm gonna write all new year greeting cards all day today !!

Oh...**   I'll have to do my best !!!******** ■EDIT:(2007-12-25 6:00PM) I have finished printing pictures from a computer on all new year greeting cards yesterday!!! But I noticed that there is no space to write personal message to friend on each card....Oh My God!! Well,I think I can somehow make do...haha

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國家寶藏2 我也很想去看耶!!!
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Good luck with all the New Year's cards!! I think they are cool!
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ganbatte! when i lived in japan the only person who sent me new years cards was the government office that was paying me and the Kawasaki motorcycle dealer. :-P
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Wishing all of you the very best of the Christmas season. 私もまだ年賀状に手をつけてません・・・・
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  >KID520 希望你可以去看這部電影~~! ^ ^   >musicnote Thanks for the encouragement ! :-D Now all I have to do is writing personal message on each card~~!   >Etchy Thanks for the encouragement ! :-D No problem...that's natural. ;-) Basically,most of men doesn't send new years cards.Though they might send it to their bosses...   >jasmineT Merry Christmas! :-) 私の方はようやく印刷終わりました…。年賀状、頑張って下さいね!
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Oh, you made it!! =D Congrats! In my case, as you know I won't do that this time, so I feel easy. Haha. I'll send midwinter greetings cards though. Anyway, talk to you later about our trip then!
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メリークリスマス About new year cards, I tend to just send emails or call people now.
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  >mew Thanks!Finally,I was able to drop new year greeting cards into a post box this morning~ :)But I should prepare cards as soon as possible on next year...I hope I won't have the flu then. haha Let's talk about our trip tomorrow night! ;-)   >Remi If I don't send new years cards by postcard to my boss and friends,I'm labeled negligent or rude! :( Hmm...it's largely taken for granted in Japan though I don't wanna accept that. The section chief says every year,"I think it remain committed to outdated practices!".
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That's a lovely idea, but i can imagine you were tired after working on them all in one go! I liked "The Rock", Sean Connery did a great job in it aswell, good storyline too.
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