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My job...

My company will open a new restaurant in November,so we're in the middle of preparations for it now.In addition,in the past week I had to rework our restaurant's menu which is written in English.I was disinclined to use my computer at home,because I spent too much time on the computer in my office in the past week,and my eyes was tired from staring at the monitor all day...

It's difficult for me to translate the names of many Japanese dishes into English,because I don't know how to cook all those dishes in detail,and I don't even know what kinds of ingredients are in all dishes!!! I have only scarce data about our restaurant's dishes,so it's impossible to do it perfectly...

I have no one to turn to about the menu of English in my office because people in my office can understand only Japanese.So there was no alternative but to do it alone.Eventually I managed to write the explanations of all dishes in English without any help from anyone.

As I said earlier,people in my office can understand only Japanese,so I think I have no one to check for accuracy of content in the menu,except myself.Hmm...I can only hope I don't have to rewrite this again!! And I wish the foreign tourists who visited our restaurant can understand the meaning of English sentences which I wrote with extreme difficulty.But I feel like I could learn English from writing them.I'll have to say "Practice makes perfect" is my motto from now on!haha

By the way,I bought this yesterday...My weary eyes will be warmed with steam at 40 degrees centigrade tonight.

And " Keroro biscuits"! Hmm...I wonder if this is going to help me a little under stressful conditions... haha

By the way,next week,I'm going to Tokyo to see a live performance by my favorite comedy duo.I'll see it with my friend "nanami" who is friend of long standing(It was 15 years ago I first met her!).And we'll go to the weird restaurant for dinner after seeing the live performance if our time permits.I often hear it said that mirthful laughter has numerous health benefits,so I'm looking forward to seeing their live performance!

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That is hard if no one else knows English in your company so you don't have anyone to consult with.
over 11 years ago
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What I like about Japan is the range of products for every need.
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gambatte..i'm sure you will do a great job your english good...much better than good! ^^ arr so your company owns restaurants...when i was a student i used to waitress...met some interesting people! some extremely rude, some polite, some with interesting backgrounds...got to see how some families are close, others with not much to say to one another etc etc
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you could always ask people here for help correcting your english... this site is a resource! use it!
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I agree with Etchy on that, don't hesitate to ask for help.
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