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Murin-an Villa (無鄰菴)

It's been a long time since I wrote my last blog!

Now, I'm suffering from hay fever... I wish I could get rid of this hay fever!

Well, in the autumn of last year I and my friend visited to Murin-an Villa which is the former villa of a politician in the Meiji period in Kyoto. Even though it was unfortunately raining, we enjoyed beautiful garden and autumn color of leaves there. If you visit there, you'll be able to enjoy a quiet, relaxing atmosphere with looking at beautiful scenery... Today I came here to share pics with people who are interested in my blog and Kyoto. Hope you like it and you find my pics informative !

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wow a beautiful place! i'm behind on my blogging too, don't worry. ;-)
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Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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