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Kodaiji temple (高台寺)

I went to Kodaiji temple(高台寺).Actually I often heard this temple's name from other people before,but I had never visited there!At first,I paid admission fee at ticket booth on the left,and I started to walk...

Priest's Quarters(庫裡) This day was a mix of sun and clouds.So you will be able to see some different sky in my photos.

Well,Toyotomi Nene (豊臣ねね) who is Toyotomi Hideyoshi 's wife founded the Kodaiji temple during the Momoyama-period to commemorate the death of him.She was the widow of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉) whose dates are 1564 to 1616.For your information,she was also called "Kita-no-mandokoro(北の政所)".And Hideyoshi is renowned as the powerful military commander (武将),and the warring lord (戦国大名) as well,he succeeded in unifying Japan at the end of the 16th century.

ryozen kannon(霊山観音) Oh,what's that!? I can't believe my eyes...It was a big surprise.The statue of the Goddess of Kannon is so big!!! This statue is just south of Kodaiji temple.

This is the "Otama-ya (霊屋)"."Otama-ya" has been designated as a cultural asset of national importance.This was built to honor Hideyoshi and Nene.

This is the garden in front of main hall.How do you feel about that? Actually,this temple is well known for this beautiful weeping cherry tree there.I imagined this will be so excellent when the cherry blossoms reach full bloom(unfortunately it wasn't full bloom yet then).I think I was able to take a nice photo if I do say so myself. haha

I could see the beautiful bamboo grove and smell the fresh air for a while before I left the temple.

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Ooh! This photo of the bamboos is really cool. I like it.
over 13 years ago
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Yeah beautiful picture of the bamboo grove. and Cherry Tree, really pretty. I've heard a lot about Toyotomi Hideyoshi or at least seen films about him. The temple is beautiful, what a lovely dedication from his wife.
over 13 years ago
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wow very nice pictures!!
over 13 years ago
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how do they pick up the leaves off the rocks in the garden?
over 13 years ago
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京都...ずっと行っていない。行きたいなあ。 竹林の写真、爽やかできれい!!
over 13 years ago
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this is an amazing garden - expressing total freedom of and peacefulness
over 13 years ago
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OMG!! this is a very beatiful pic... i love this shot and the view of it is really nice ^_^... u do take very nice pictures... i think u have a talent to be a photographer ^_*
over 13 years ago
Photo 30732
i'm curious about the landscape... is it from congcrete or gravel? can u walk on it?
over 13 years ago


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