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Karinto (かりんとう)

The other day I went out to buy a drawing instrument with my sister. We came across a nice shop while walking down the Kawaramachi-dori street...

That shop called Tamaya Itoya (玉や絲や)is specialized shop offering karinto. Do you know karinto? It's a traditional Japanese sweet snack food.

It seems they developed many kinds of unique karinto using such as  sesame and salt, brown sugar and Japanese mixed chili pepper.

It's a cute package design...but if you look at it from another point of view, you might feel it's weird. haha

I selected and bought black pepper and mayonnaise flavor ! 

By the way, I noticed my album "Kyoto in fall" has already received about 6,400 hits...it's just amazing :-O Thanks,to you all who have seen my photos !

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interesting packing~ it must be very yummy,haha~~
over 8 years ago
Photo 1831
What is it made of? What does it taste like?
over 8 years ago
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I think it is lovely the way they present their goods. When I visit Japan I want to try some karinto now :)
over 8 years ago
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ha ha, that's the power of google, who knows, maybe next year a lot of people will search for Karinto and find this blog. ;-)
over 8 years ago


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