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Japanese samurai

I noticed one fact when I saw my visitor's list today.

Terence stopped by my page yesterday for the first time... :-oIt shouldn't be, but that's the thing.I was thinking he would never come and see my page.So I wrote this in commemoration,because I think that he don't visit here in the future.haha!!

BTW I didn't know Terence play a Japanese samurai until after I read his blog.When I saw his photo,I was very glad.But I automatically just felt something different about it...Why? What's different?

I guess it was because he wears Japanese wooden footgear...To my knowledge,usually samurai wears straw sandals.Because they can move more quickly when they are attacked by the enemy.

Oh,but that doesn't change anything.I'm looking forward to see his appearance in that drama!

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you should leave that as a guest book entry on his blog, maybe he will tell the director to change it. but of course these TV series are not that accurate! there weren't many japanese swordsman running around in China in the 1930s! (not even in japan!)
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Hmm...interesting fact.
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  >Etchy Yeah,of course I know enough these are not that accurate,and that story isn't set in Japan:) And I guess he has already shot a few scene,so it's too late now.Therefore I thought that I need not say this to him... それに昨夜「下駄でうまく歩ける?」ってゲストブックに書いて来ちゃったし、今さら“草履にしたら?”なんて言えないわ…(^_^;)   >musicnote It is not easy to walk with Japanese wooden footgear, and people often lose a balance easily! I guess that it will take some time to break in it.
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i thought something was not quite right in the picture, but couldn't tell...jiushi, u're right! that's the thing... aha...so Terence also came here did he! he's been checking out everybody~
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Oh,am I right? For me, Japanese wooden footgear is associated with kendo dojo,not a samurai.This is probably because I watch too much TV period dramas... I was very surprised this time because Terence had never visited my page...haha =P
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i dunno, i am not an expert on kendo... i only trained in judo. :-P
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Wow Etchy,have you trained judo??That's great~~!! =)
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