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I'm back!

We returned from HK and Macau on the 5th,and I returned home from mew's place on the 6th!

We went  to various places(for example,Nathan road,Avenue of Stars,Tung Choi Street,Madame Tussaud's,Victoria Peak,H.K.Convention & Exhibition Centre,Macau Tower etc...).



We were able to go to JC's photo exhibition,and saw lovely night views in HK.

We went to Hui Lau San to eat mango desserts.It was delicious!!

Maybe I should say that I enjoyed our trip this time...but I felt quite spent.It's because unfortunately side effects of the relief from travel sickness caused me to upset my health during our stay.I had to take relief from travel sickness on consecutive days,because we had to take a bus and taxi,tram,ferry etc.I was dazed from that medicine,so I had to struggle to remain awake all through the day.I often felt dizzy and gradually lost my appetite... And Mew also lost her appetite from day 2.She guessed it's because the fried dough sticks that she ate were too greasy...

As a result,that night we went to Watami HK(和民).Watami is one of the nationally known Japanese casual restaurant chain.We went all the way to HK from Japan,but went to Watami...haha

This night,we watched a movie "Patriot" on TV.It's a movie starring Mel Gibson!

BTW...Departure date from HK,we were supposed to buy some souvenirs in HK,but it's too bad that we had no time to buy anything!!It's because surprisingly our flight has been cancelled!!  It was a big surprise for us!!!

However,I'm glad because we were able to return safely home...

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ha! you brought the frog with you! sorry you guys got sick and were tired. maybe you should have eaten at /Genki Sushi/ instead? :-D
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great picture! you got one of the full versions, most are only the top part! :-P
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That's cute you have your frog with you. hehe Sorry you didn't feel so well during the trip but I hope you still enjoyed your time there!
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おつきゃれー(*^_^*) 楽しかった? フライトがキャンセルになるって、あらまあ大丈夫だったんだろうけどびっくりだね。 うちの旦那は何十回も韓国往復してるけど、そんなことはなかったんで。 やっぱりあるんだね。 そのうちじっくりお土産話でも聞かせて?ね。
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I LOVE 許留山!!!
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  >Etchy Yes,I took him!! :-) But I could't take that frog's pictures in town because it's so awkward.haha... We went to Watami,because I said I wanted to eat some light foods like a salad then.BTW,I have never gone to a revolving sushi bar. Wow,that is full version,right?I'm glad to hear that!haha :-D   >musicnote Haha,I brought my frog to appear in a photo instead of me.Thanks,I enjoyed our trip! :-)   >aoi_terence そうなんですよね~。 おみやげを最終日に買うことにしてたのでたまたま早めに空港へ行ったんですが、何気なく案内板を見たら私達の乗る便のところに「取消」の文字が…(汗)。初の海外でこんなことになるとは思ってもみませんでしたよ。 運良く1時間前の便に乗ることができたので予定通りの日に帰れましたけど、上海での乗り継ぎもあったので、もしおみやげ買うのをその日にしてなかったら帰れなかったです。   >lisamm That was really delicious! :-) I found out a lot of 許留山 in the streets while we stayed in HK.So I had no clues where I was...
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Well, our trip this time became one of unforgetable experiences in our lives, didn't it? ^-^; As you do know, I was looking forward to having various food very much during our stay in HK, but I lost my appetite because of the 油條... So, I felt very frustrated with it =( NTL, I enjoyed our trip though ;-) Anyway, the next event we can't wait is next Wed in Osaka, right?! =D I'm really looking forward to it!! XD
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  >访来访去 哇~~~~~…什么?你怎么了??   >mew Yes,this trip became a cherished memory for me in a lot of ways...haha ^ ^; It's too bad that you were not able to eat various foods,because I know you were looking forward to do it! :-( In Osaka,let's make up for the loss!!! ;-D
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哈哈,我先没看文字先看到公交上那么大的吴彦祖,哈哈,要是我们这里有这样的公交车就好了,我愿意整天站在街上看风景~~~可惜,他的广告还没有渗透到我这里来~~ 很喜欢你的青蛙~~好可爱 :)
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  >访来访去 可不!真遗憾的是,我们不可能在日本街头遇到他的广告,但我希望你能尽早看到这样的公交车 :) 谢谢,我也喜欢我的青蛙啊!哈哈
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I had to take anti-sickness tablets while travelling too, and it's really hard to stay awake, I sympathise with you :(. I like froggy watching the patriot. Cool shot!
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