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I'll never visit to Roppongi again

The other day,I went to Tokyo to see the live sketch comedy performance like this.It was really fun!!...I had a nice time!

Copyright (C) 2008 MYMY Just for the record,I have already gotten permission to post this handbill to my blog from Mr.Masuke Hamada who is a member of the sketch comedy group "MYMY"...I really appreciate your kindness,Masuke-san! I love this illustration...haha I'm a fan of the Japanese comedy group called " MYMY"."MYMY" is the Japanese sketch comedy group which is made up of Mr.Masuke Hamada( 濱田マ助) and Mr.Yoichi Ranmaru( 蘭丸陽一).Originally they were in the social satirical sketch comedy group named " The News Paper" for 16 years,but two of them left the group and formed a sketch comedy group named "MYMY" in 2004.They make hilarious and social satirical sketch comedies,and appear on stage periodically at a theater in Tokyo twice a year.Of course,it's not that those are all of work which they have,they have some work to do besides!

They belong to talent agency called Saeba Shoji which is managed by Mr.Akira Kamiya(神谷 明) who is a voice actor known for his role of Kenshiro who is the main character in the popular animation "Fist of the North Star( 北斗の拳)".And I guess you know Ryo Saeba who is the main character in the popular animation "City Hunter".Just for your information,he had provided the voice for Ryo.

I think Masuke-san has a gentle nature,and set their stage alight with his energetic performance every time,and I know Yoichi-san has the skill of not only pantomime but also dance.That's just my personal opinion,but I think the harmonious teamwork is an important part of their job.I hope they work together for many years to come.

Well,I went to  Roppongi Hills( 六本木ヒルズ) for the first time after we saw their live sketch comedy performance.We were scheduled to eat supper at the weird restaurant near Roppongi Hills,but unfortunately we couldn't do it here,because someone have already rented this restaurant to have a party that night.But frankly we felt that it's not safe around there,so we'll never visit there...I think we were right about not eating supper there!

Finally we visited this restaurant named "yasaiya Mei" in Roppongi Hills.

eight kinds of mushroom tempuras(with five kinds of salts)

This is vegetable Shabu-shabu.Shabu-shabu is one of the popular Japanese dishes,and usually the main ingredient are thinly sliced beefs.The ingredients such as thinly sliced beef and vegetables are quickly boiled in kelp-based broth in a shallow pan,usually served with dipping sauces.But in this restaurant,the main ingredient of this dish was not thinly sliced beefs,but several kinds of vegetables!

This was really yummy!I'm glad we were able to eat plenty of fresh vegetables!

I stayed at her place that night,and the next day,we went out to karaoke.

As you can see,the lyrics is displayed on a TV monitor whenever we sing an English song in karaoke.But I feel like those are unreadable,because kana are printed on top of each English word.Sometimes it's ruining my concentration while singing.

However,we enjoyed karaoke for three hours...I need to speak loud sometimes to get refreshed,because I'm quiet normally!! haha

I started on my homeward journey...

Thanks for your kind assistance during my stay in Tokyo,nanami!I've really enjoyed my stay there.I hope I'll be able to meet up again with you next spring!!

By the way,I saw some artists and friends' blogs about Halloween party of AnD after I came back from Tokyo.But frankly I didn't feel that something is real.Because Japan doesn't have a Halloween tradition.In general, Japanese people don't celebrate Halloween,so I have never joined in any Halloween party.I think that Christmas Day and Valentine's Day entrenched in Japan.I'm just wondering why Halloween doesn't entrench in Japan...

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Shabu-shabu is the equivalent of steamboat in Chinese cuisine. We usually do this during Chinese New Year with a table full of raw ingredients to be boiled in the pot. Nice.
over 11 years ago
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Roppongi - This place is so vibrant but ya there are many vice there. One question, there are many sleazy nite outlets there when I last went years back. Are they still there?
over 11 years ago
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I have not tried shabu shabu before. Is there a soup base for it? Or is it just water?
over 11 years ago
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ha ha, Roppongi is not dangerous, just too many annoying guys standing out on the street trying to get you to go to their clubs... (its worse for a foreigner walking around alone there!)
over 11 years ago
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halloween - in Japan it mostly just exists ONLY at bars and clubs for parties for adults... in the US it is mostly for kids...
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