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I went to Osaka...I felt great!!

I went to Osaka on Wednesday...and got back to Kyoto the next day.

As you know,I went to Bon Jovi's concert that was held in Kyocera dome Osaka**on the 16th with my best friend mew !!  It was exciting,so I had a nice time!!!  Surprisingly,they played 25 songs in all of their hits,of course that was including several songs in latest album "LOST HIGHWAY". I feel like I was able to understand a little what Jon said during this concert though I didn't have any listening comprehension before. 

I feel happy that I could see them again...I can't wait to see them next time!!! haha**

This is their handprints! We found out there are handprints of various artists who had concert here before.So there are many handprints of various artists as well as theirs.For example Ayumi Hamasaki, GLAY, L'Arc~en~ciel, glove, B'z, Aerosmith etc...But I just took this pic because there were many people who wants to see it then.So,if some of you loves them,I hope you'll get a chance to see it there someday.Anyone can get free admission to that area so far.

We had some foods for lunch at restaurant conana that day.The spaghetti at that restaurant was delicious!

Well,we came across the "Pudding exhibition" when we walked one street,and we found out weird drink there...

Oh!!...What's this!?

I think you'll see the phrase "プリンサイダー".In Japanese,"サイダー" means a soda.Yes,actually this is a carbonated beverage...But I have to say,

This is a carbonated beverage of pudding flavor!!

I hesitated to drink this,but finally I drank.

Well...all I can tell you is definitely this drink is carbonated beverage of pudding flavor.

However,it's doubtful whether this is delicious for me. Don't ask about it...

By the way,in case of concerts that were held in a large hall,usually the organizers control audience's movement after the concerts because they have to avoid any confusion.However,ultimately result in the nearest station of Kyocera dome Osaka is too crowded every time after their concerts was held...  So we decided to go to Siroki-ya for dinner before getting on a train,because we wanna avoid a rush. deep fried crispy yam and cheese

assorted skewered grilled chicken

(chicken wing,minced chicken,chicken skin,boneless chicken leg)

mozzarella cheese and tomato salad(spicy relish)

roasted ox tongues on a hot plate(dressed with miso)

ochazuke (rice with green tea)

We felt frustrated a bit because there were some of staffs who doesn't have what it takes...but these dishes were great.And we got back to our hotel...

The next day,we ate okonomiyaki at restaurant Fugetsu before noon.hehe...

By the way,I think I can actually say that their concert is an annual event for us.That's why when we go to their concert,absolutely we sing along to most of  their songs during their concert.So our voice become hoarse every time after the concert.However, we go out to karaoke the next day despite our hoarse voices to sing enthusiastically their songs again!!Of course,we went to sing karaoke this day too.We sang four and a half hours in the end though planned to sing there for a couple of hours at first...haha...

Well,I'm not sure if you know about that or not,but Daniel wrote about rule of escalators in Japan on his blog before...Yes,that rule is "On escalators,if you're not in a hurry,stay to one side to clear the way for people in a hurry".

It occurred to me when I took this pic at Kyobashi Station in Osaka on my way home.

As he said,we usually wait on the right side.Basically,we wait on the right side unless we hurry,and walk on the left side only when we must hurry.I had never thought about why people in Kansai wait on the right side until after I read his entry.Maybe it's because this isn't uncommon sight for us...

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What is that? Looks sweet!
over 12 years ago
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ooh, i like fugetsu....
over 12 years ago
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Yes, we did have a so much fun during our stay in Osaka, didn't we?! Every food we had was nice, our usual long time karaoke was great and, needless to say, the concert was awesome!!! XD BON JOVI rocks!!!! Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you again anytime soon. =D
over 12 years ago
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I love okonomiyaki! I'm glad you had a good time at the concert! Aw...I would like to see the hand prints of L'Arc~en~Ciel and GLAY! ^^
over 12 years ago
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great stuff you are sharing !
over 12 years ago
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The handprints thing is so cool!. great idea for them to get the performers to do something like that. Great that you saw Bon Jovi live, they are very talented! No wonder your coice was hoarse after the concert and four hours of Karaoke! We have the rule in England over the escalators too, but only at train stations and airports, otherwise it's a free-for-all!
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