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He likes sweet stuff

As you know,my computer in my office broke down the other day and I'm very busy in recent days.But today...I had to go to the cafe near my office and eat sweets by orders of my boss when I'm on duty. It means my boss got intense cravings for sweets around 2pm,and he said to us suddenly, "Hey you guys,let's go to the cafe to eat sweets with me!!! ".

It goes without saying that I thought like this,"Heh?Don't you know we are at work now?Are you out of your mind?"...though of course I can't say that.haha

Basically he come to work before 11 every day,so he don't eat lunch in the office(oh,I forgot to tell you,he is our president).That's why he often eat some sweets instead of eating lunch.In the end,my section chief and I had to go to the cafe with our president although we were none too hungry.

He ordered a shaved ice,and also section chief ate the exact same thing.And I ordered a matcha parfait.

抹茶かき氷(the bowls of shaved ice with matcha syrup) 抹茶パフェ(matcha parfait) Needless to say,he footed the bill for these sweets!!!

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I love 白玉!
almost 12 years ago
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why are you complaining! sounds like a good boss (except for forcing you to use a 10+ year old computer!)
almost 12 years ago
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I wish my boss does that! hahaha
almost 12 years ago
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wow, can I have your boss?! :D
almost 12 years ago
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this looks too beautiful to eat! .... lovely colors and textures ...... i like ur president's style!
almost 12 years ago
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WOW! That is a lot of calories after a lunch.
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