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hard period in four seasons

On a near day my company will reopen one of restaurant which we has,so I have been extremely busy preparing for it everyday.And I have been in poor health every day lately due to the effects of cedar pollen since I wrote about Daigoji temple a week ago even though finally I have already bought new router the other day after I returned the faulty router to the store. So,I guess I can't surf on the Internet for the next few days.

I haven't hay fever,but cause similar symptoms every spring.Because I suffer from year-round nasal allergy.Of course I have to take the sinus medicine,otherwise I guess I'm having a runny nose and very itchy eyes all day...  But such a medicine has an uncomfortable side-effect such as drowsiness,thirst.

I have experienced expectorating blood a bit due to thirst once when I was in junior colleges."Hey!Are you OK!?"...the professor exclaimed in surprise in class.Then he must have thought I'm suffering crucial disease affecting the lungs.haha...

(This isn't medicine,but candies that relieve symptoms of pollen allergies) That reminds me,I missed the certain movie last year...that movie is " Ghost Rider" starring Nicholas Cage.The movie has started,I fell asleep half an hour later due to side-effect !! Unfortunately,the screen showed last scene,when I awoke from a nap. Oh My God!!!

Well,I kept hoping I don't make the same mistake again,I went to see the movie " Jumper" the other day(I got the advance ticket several months ago)! Fortunately I didn't fall asleep during a movie this time,but unfortunately it was not as interesting as I expected.Let me point out that this is my personal opinion.Speaking frankly,I felt like it was shallow,because I thought this film spent too much big bucks on advanced CG technology and on-location shoot,and they pay no attention to the little details of the story at that.So I didn't feel like buy a pamphlet this time. But personally I was glad I could see Diane Lane on the huge screen after a long interval again.That's it.

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Yeah I have the same trouble with all-year round allergy that requires daily tablets, it really tires me out. I have never seen candies. Talk about bad timing for a nap! I have yet to see Jumper but I find I get dissapointed by too much CG elements in films also.
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doh! Jumper was as boring as medication side effects!
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I hope you feel better!
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