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"Give Me Up"

 I found this music video a couple of days ago.

As you may know,it's Michael Fortunati's "Give Me Up",and this song makes me feel nostalgic...But actually I had never heard this song. It's because Japanese female duo BaBe covered this song about twenty years ago,and I remember I loved it.Needless to say,of course they sang this song in Japanese at that time.I'm ashamed to say,I didn't know the meaning of the Japanese lyrics are completely different from the Michael's song until I watched this video.haha

So I think it was a lucky thing for me I could watch this video this time.

By the way...

Is it my imagination, or what???I hope I don't be the only one...I feel like the feeds isn't calculated accurately these days... (I'm using firefox)

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Oh I like ths song, I think a lot of lyrics get lost in translation when performed in another language. No the feeds miscount happens to me too, and I'm not on firefox :)
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