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Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine : part 2

There was the big map,it helped me a lot!And then I took it in closeup...

You can see a tortuous crimson line in the map,right?All those are torii gates!

For your information,there are a restaurant at Yotsutsuji( 四ツ辻).I'm not sure if you know him,but Kazuhiko Nishimura is the famous Japanese actor.Actually that restaurant is his parent's home(I heard that he said so on TV before,so I guess it's no problem even if I write about it here).

Hopefully the idea was to have a lunch there,but it was a little too far!I gave up trying it,because I can't allow myself to run out of steam halfway to the top of a mountain... Yes,I know I'm short on physical strength.I can't imagine how he had attended school from there when he was a kid...

The two stone foxes greet me again!!

I swear this isn't a composite picture!It's amazing!!!

There are more than 1000 red torii gates on the paths to the top of the Mt. Inari,it's like fantastic crimson tunnels!!!

I had to try to take a commemorative photo of my frog!haha

I felt disconnected from contemporary Japan when I saw this sight. ..

I think you should visit this shrine some day!!!

I was able to see people who prepare for the festival of the rice ear reaping.

Following these,it seems that ladies and men who dressed in Heian Period clothing performed some kind of ceremony.Though I didn't see that...

You can buy a small torii gate at the shop near the shrine if you want!

There is the local shopping area named "Inari Hanei Kai( 稲荷繁栄会)"near the shrine.Needless to say,this flag has been designed and is based on a fox.Cute!

And I headed homeward straight away.I might go to that shrine again in the course of time.

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wow that is amazing! I'm wondering now, do you usually take your frog with you everywhere? ^^
over 11 years ago
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These costumes including the hats are so Korean style.
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伝統的な日本の雰囲気いいですね! お久しぶりです!
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of course!
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