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Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine(伏見稲荷大社)

As you can see,I went to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine ( 伏見稲荷大社) last Saturday. Fushimi Inari is known for its thousands of torii gates that line a few kilometres,but I had never visited there.

I went on foot to the shrine from Keihan railway Fushimiinari Station( 伏見稲荷駅),but I recommend that you go by JR train if you visit there,because the shrine is adjacent to the JR Nara Line Inari Station( 稲荷駅).

(Temizuya / 手水舎)

I found this sign.I have been to some temples and shrines in Japan,but they had no easy to understand signs like this. As I said before,when you stand in front of the Temizuya,you'd better take the required steps to pay your respects at the temples like this.

The two foxes gave me a stern looks in front of the torii gate!

This shrine is dedicated to Inari who is the God of grain foods.And many stone foxes are placed everywhere in the shrine,because the fox is believed to the messenger of Inari God.

The fox on right side hold a gem in the mouth(it's not a golf ball!haha),and the other is the key for the rice granary.

This shrine is popular "hatsumoude" (初詣) spot in Kyoto,is crowded with worshippers at the beginning of the new year.As you may already know,"hatsumoude" means New Year's visits to shrines.

Finally I found cute foxes in the shop near the shrine!haha

By the way,it's believed the foxes are partial to the fried tofu( 油揚げ),it has been handed down over centuries in Japan.That's why Japanese people often describe fried tofu as "kitsune( きつね)",it means fox in Japanese.

So,"kitsune udon( きつねうどん)" means the noodles in hot soup with fried tofu...

...I'll save the rest till next time!

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もう京都の紅葉は終わったかな? 綺麗な紅葉を見に行きたいな。
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Udon is good!
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