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Entoku-in (圓徳院) and Maiko-san (舞妓さん)

Well,after I left the Kodaiji temple,I went to Entoku-in (圓徳院) that Nene lived in for 19 years.Entoku-in is in front of the Kodaiji temple.

The garden was beautiful!!But I just want to post some pics about this place,because I couldn't find to noteworthy event there...hmm About Entoku-in,you can see some of other pics on my latest album "Kyoto in the spring".

I walked on "Nene-road (ねねの道)" that is in front of Kodaiji temple,and Entoku-in.There are some gift shop on this road,you can buy some quaint souvenirs and molded confection and more there...

(various designs of chopsticks and place mats etc) Can you manipulate chopsticks?If you can't even though you're going to Japan,I guess you would better practice it in some small measure to eat Japanese foods in Japan.

(candies and Japanese crackers)

I saw Maiko san (舞妓さん) there and also the guy who smiled while seeing them.Looks like he was happy!! haha

By the way,Maiko isn't same as Geisha (芸者).I don't know well about the detail,but it seems that there are some differences between Geisha and Maiko.Anyway young women who serve as an apprentice to become Geisha are called Maiko(As an aside,Geisha is called "Geiko (芸妓)" from people who live in Kyoto).

It's not uncommon for people like me who lives in Kyoto to see Maiko.However,when I saw this sight,I felt like I just wanted to say "What is this year's Christian year?"!

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Interesting! Thanks for sharing! It's a good thing I can use chopsticks! hehe
over 12 years ago
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cool! i saw some outside Kiyomizu temple before a few years ago... btw, i will be there next saturday! let's figure something out!
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I grew up wanting to be a Geisha...alas I don't think I'd be able to do all the lessons they have to learn. I heard about the Maiko apprentice girls. Thanks for sharing pictures of the in and The Maiko. hehe...I have a very sweet tooth, i'll be heading for the candies.
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Hey! I want to but those chopsticks!!!!!
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geisha..."memriors of a geisha" is one of my favourite books, the film on the other hand was dissapointing. then again books are always better than films! jiushi everytime i see your pics they make me want to go on holiday! japan is such an amazing country ^^
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舞妓さんが育つと芸妓になるんですよね。舞妓の新人が半玉で口紅が半分とか、いろいろ種類があったような。 I also can't tell you he differenceof Maiko and Geiko clearly. Sometimes my friends in England say " I know better than you!" I agree...
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really nice pic(s)... thanks for sharing as it gives me insight about Kyoto... love it!! ^_^
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