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electrical appliances

We received a new air conditioner last week!! ( nearly weep for joy)Since then,I'm able to sleep a great deal!

The week before last,I dripped with perspiration almost every day.The perspiration was dripping from my face.I often had to wipe the perspiration,so my drawing made slow progress...

In the end, I decided I use not watercolors but only pencils this time.Because if my perspiration adheres to my sketchbook,I have to begin anew the drawing.But I can concentrate more on my drawing at last !!!

BTW...Do you like electrical appliances?

I don't know why,but I love electrical appliances sales floor and industrial tool sales floor!By the by,I installed myself a satellite dish of CS on the veranda before.

What?...unwomanly? I think so,too! haha.

Well,three electric appliances stores will open near Kyoto Station in the near future. Those name are Yodobashi Camera,Joshin,Bic Camera.  Oh,Bic Camera(one of them) already opened last week!! I heard that 2,000 people queued up in front of the shop on that day... :-()

Ah,I should add that I heard that Yodobashi Camera will open in 2009...I feel overwhelmed when I think about it !!

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ヨドバシis the best! you can go to Umeda if you can't wait until 2009! :-P a woman who knows how to use tools is maybe rare, but its very cool!
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I can't live without air conditioning, it was one of the first things we looked for in houses when we first looked in this area.
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I don't pay much attention to electrical appliances. hehe.
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  >Etchy haha,Yodobashi Camera in Umeda is so nice ,because goods in stock are abundant!I have been there several times :) Especially,I like to connect cables for a TV and DVD recorders or videocassette recorders...   >Mommy_Mok Oh,I can't live without air conditioning,too. Because I'm hypersensitive to heat!   >musicnote Oh, really?I often spend money not in clothes and accessories but electrical appliances...haha   >访来访去 现在只我知道他是谁,呵呵!顺便告诉你,他不是"alive"的成员。
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That is surprising! hehe. I spend most of my money on CDs. XD
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I'm definitely a big fan of electronic gadgets :)
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  >musicnote Oh,I used to spend a large amount of money on J-pop CDs!But those CDs are too expensive...(^_^;)   >iggypuffygirl Wow,great~~! =) BTW I always buy only the products of Panasonic and Sony,but they often break down...
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