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born worrier

There are a lot of people in this AnD site,so I remember everyone's image by each of profile pic.

Do you often change your profile pic?

My profile pic is a black frog all up until now.I guessed other people also remember me by black frog,so I thought I had better not change my own pic.

That said,I'm not eager to particularly make my page even more famous in AnD site.This is because I think that it's enough for me now !

BTW, I hadn't been feeling well next few days...It is maybe because I'm born worrier.I worry too much in various ways.I often borrow trouble by worrying about things that I don't have any control over.As a result,I sometimes make myself physically sick with worry.

If only I could have an easygoing personality...haha

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doh, you gotta learn to not worry.... in english we say 'don't sweat the small stuff' -- somethings aren't important enough to focus too much of your energy on. save it for important things! ;-) ps - i am in kyushu now!
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Uh-huh. Right.Thanks for your helpful advice.I think I have a bad habit of dwelling on my failures.I must chuck my bad habit... Oh,are you in Kyushu now !? :-() Business or travel? You are really busy person...!! :-0 You are continually surprising me!
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I change my profile pic a little too often, I think. heehee Yeah, don't sweat the small stuff. So many things out of our control. Gotta take take it as it comes and roll with the punches. Basically, take things in stride.
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I change my profile pic once in a while. I worry a lot too!! I worry so much that I don't get a good sleep at night. >_<
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I change my profile pic often but not too much - I try to keep it mostly my face so people can recognize me! Anyway, don't worry too much!
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I change mine every so often just for fun....sometimes you gotta let the small things go and not worry about it.
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我以前从来不变来变去的,我之前使用的小老鼠的头像,用了好多年了,不过自从知道它的出处后,我愿意改掉它了,现在我已经找到了好的解决的方法,就是自己画一系列表情来代替,外形不会变,但是表情会变,这样基本上就固定下来了~~ 我看大部分人都喜欢变来变去的,哈哈,没关系,我记不住就不记他们了~~
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Hi~~,thanks for your comments!! Well, many people seems to change own profile image...I'd better remember by not each of image but the user name In the future. haha :P It is most important for me that I practice the art of not worrying.No pain, no gain...
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