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Bon vacation(お盆休み)

In Japan,during the Bon period, many people receive company holidays.If I'm a major company member , I must be take a long vacation.But my company follow the business of catering trade,so my vacation is short.My vacations are only two days!! Oh... But during the period,I need tidying my room...Because I have a lot of CD, VCD, and DVD.

Well,do you have any movie's book(pamphlet)?Usually when we go to movie theater,we can buy book of concerning that movie.Oh,those are not sold in bookstores!I have a lot of these books,so I want commodious storage space!!

(※Unfortunately, I can't show you these pics,because these pamphlets are protected by copyright of Japanese company.)

BTW, I got this one when I bought an advance ticket of movie "Night at the Museum" before.This wind-up toy glows in the dark...hahaha

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My son is really into windup toys at the moment, he would have really liked to play with that one!
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jiushi: 1) this website is not based in japan! 2) you can still take a picture of the books! thats not copyright infringement (even in japan). if you are taking a picture to show what the book is, its fine. (if you are doing high quality scans of the books to show all the images and text in high quality, its not!) -- you are not selling it or making money off of it. so no need to worry about it!
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  >Mommy_Mok Wow Kevan is so cute boy!:) This toy is on my television now,and this glows in the dark every night...   >Etchy Oh...I see =) I couldn't make a judgment myself because Japan is very severe about this kind of matter. I don't certainly scan a part of the book in high quality,and I'm not making money off of it.So it's not that I use this for purposes of profit-making business.right?
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yeah its definitely ok. don't worry!
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OK,thanks =)
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Oh, just skip my question in your latest blog. Didn't see that you wrote about it in this blog. haha. So the handbills are free?
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Oh,I see.haha:) Yes,the handbills are all free.A lot of handbills are in the movie theater.So we can get the handbill if we go to the movie theater before the movie is premiered!
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