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Are you planning a trip to Kyoto?

Keihan line has the three stations called "Shijo","Gojo",and "Marutamachi".

Also,Karasuma line of Kyoto city subway line has the three stations that has the exact same names.So I always felt a lot of tourists who visited Kyoto feel confused about that...

Well, Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. announced that they decided to rename their three stations.As for Keihan line,their names of the stations will be completely changed to as follows tomorrow.

 ・ 丸太町(Marutamachi)  →  神宮丸太町(Jingu Marutamachi)

 ・ 四条(Shijo)  →  祇園四条(Gion Shijo)

 ・ 五条(Gojo)  →  清水五条(Kiyomizu Gojo)

You ought to be careful about that if you plan a trip to Kyoto and take the Keihan line then!Needless to say,I think it's important to buy the latest guidebook before your trip.

For example when you go to Yasaka Shrine,you'll have to get off at the Gion Shijo station!

By the way,these are pictures which I took with a cell phone camera (when I went to the movie theater in Gion last month).Beautiful sky color...

As you may already know,this card is called "Surutto Kansai Card".A "Surutto Kansai" card is a Kansai-area universal transit card,and it's a prepaid card valid for many railways, subways, and local buses,but  isn't valid on JR (Japan Railways). You can get the card like this from most ticket machines in Kansai area.You can choose and buy the card among 1,000yen,2,000yen,3,000 yen,and 5,000yen.If you have this card,you don't have to wait to buy a train ticket whenever you take a train! This is just an aside.Don't forget,this card is not valid in Tokyo...

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oh that's nice, it has a lovely hint of pink in the clouds.
over 11 years ago
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Notes to take on this blog!, the Japan rail system looked complicated when I planned to go, but I'm sure it's easier than it looks, thanks for the tips!
over 11 years ago
cool! fave this blog already.. hee.. also if i ever getta visit Japan someday, i really wanna try out shojin ryori and go for shukubo..
over 11 years ago
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Thanks for the tip!
over 11 years ago
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does suica work there yet?
over 11 years ago


Thanks for visiting my page.:) I was born and raised in Kyoto... I love Kyoto!! I have a right to enjoy my life!!!

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