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about my favorite comics

My favorite comics are " Ginga:Nagareboshi Gin(銀牙~流れ星 銀)"and" Ginga Legend Weed(銀牙伝説ウィード)" authored by Yoshihiro Takahashi(高橋よしひろ)!! Lots of dogs appears in these comics,all dogs whom he draw are attractive.He stress the importance of justice and spirit of Robin Hood,feeling of fellowship in his comics.


  (HK version) If I say about "Ginga Legend Weed",I have up to 45 46.I bought Vol. 1 of the HK version of this comic the other day,because I thought that this might serve as a reference when I work the expressions of Chinese.But I'm not courageous enough to buy till Vol. 45 46 of this version...haha

I never recommend his comics if you hate dogs.But I don't know whether or not I'd better recommend his comics even if you much-loved dogs.This is because sometimes dogs are killed in fighting with other dogs or other animals...But if you ever wanna read this comics,I think you'd better previously read "Ginga:Nagareboshi Gin".Because this story is sequel of "Ginga:Nagareboshi Gin",and their fight against evil continues.

I have some favorite characters in these comics,but one of them was killed by other dog on battle in latest comic. Oh,My God!!!

It is painful to see my favorite characters(dogs) die...

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wow, i never heard of this before, its a whole story about a group of dogs? interesting.
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Yeah,this story is about pack of wild dogs,they battle against heavy odds.Those are monstrous bear, cunning monkeys,or military dogs.There are also some dogs like ninja.Ninja dogs often uses his special ninjitsu skills to help his buddies out of trouble.It's very interesting!! I guess scenes of dogs account for almost 95% of these comics...haha :)
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