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New drawing

Sorry, it took more time than what I'd expected...

I've long wanted to draw Michael J. Fox. I could post this picture here at last.

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New drawing

Yeah, I know there are few people that come and see my drawings here now. But I decided to post this here!

Honestly I don't like Cameron all that much. But I think I should try to study many different types of people's faces in the future...

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Murin-an Villa (無鄰菴)

It's been a long time since I wrote my last blog!

Now, I'm suffering from hay fever... I wish I could get rid of this hay fever!

Well, in the autumn of last year I and my friend visited to Murin-an Villa which is the former villa of a politician in the Meiji period in Kyoto. Even though it was unfortunately raining, we enjoyed beautiful garden and autumn color ...Read more

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The beautiful autumn leaves in Eikando Temple

I visited to Eikando Temple which is famous for the beautiful colored leaves alone yesterday.

Eikando Temple has become synonymous with autumn color of leaves, and in autumn many Japanese and tourists from abroad enjoy viewing the leaves change colors... Even if the Temple is far from the train stations, there were many people there!

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Asari gohan (あさりごはん) and Oden (おでん)

I had asari gohan and oden last night for dinner.

I don't know what it's called in English, but " Asari " means " clam " in English.

"Oden" is a typical Japanese dish, many different foods such ...Read more

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Manpukuji Temple (萬福寺)

I visited Manpukuji Temple (萬福寺)with my sister on Nov. 3.

Manpukuji Temple is about a five-minute walk from JR or Keihan Obaku ( 黄檗) stations. And it's a broad temple...

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As you can see... new frogs !

New frog arrived at my house a week later than I expected because the variety goods shop's staff has made a mistake. I don't know why but the shop's staff canceled my first order, so I had to reorder it...

I could get the frog finally. Of course, I have no intention of attacking them !

This herringbone frog is now on sale in Japan for a limited time.

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oyako don set

The other day, I took a paid holiday to cheer myself up. I went to Kyoto station without specific aim...

I had a set meal for lunch at the soba restaurant called " osobadokoro aoi" in Kyoto station.

At this time, I used my cell phone's camera, so I couldn't take a photo of the dishes clearly...

I chose a oy...Read more

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Karinto (かりんとう)

The other day I went out to buy a drawing instrument with my sister. We came across a nice shop while walking down the Kawaramachi-dori street...

That shop called Tamaya Itoya (玉や絲や)is specialized shop offering karinto. Do you know karinto? It's a traditional Japanese sweet snack food.

It seems they developed many kinds of unique karinto using such as  sesame and salt, brown sugar and Japanese mixed chili pepper.

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new wallpaper

Today I changed a wallpaper for my computer after a long interval.

Yes, needless to say I still love frogs...especially Kermit the Frog !

...Well, I'll get to work. :-P

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