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  • We are a newly formed Buddhist group which encouraged understanding, practising and the way of life of Buddhism to all living beings.

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  • Katha for Tok Raja Phra Pidta

    Friday, Oct 7, 2011 1:05PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Namo Tassa Bhavato Arahato 
    Samma Sam Bud Tassa  x 3

    Namo Bodhi Sato 
    Punnak Suwanno Pasittimay  x 3

    E Rak Ja Kha
    Tha Rak Sa
    Ti Hang Jak
    Tho Ro Ti Nang
    Pi Sam Ra Ro
    Bu Sa Bu
    ( You can repeat 3, 9 or as many time as you like)

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