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hyping this for the culture ??? https://t.co/R6XdemU789

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invented being a smol acct supremacist ?‍♂️ https://t.co/GEgb3yMLSp

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Brian: take a look for me will you

Jimmy: i got yoU https://t.co/07VRSjFa5C

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if i was in hk atm i’d say this was clearly a sign from the heavens that a emojin meet up was meant to happen ?‍♂️ https://t.co/NLX8FrS9y3

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my header is clearly a whole mood https://t.co/Kp0I1wGYHp

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eatjinchallenge gone wrong https://t.co/DoLe7hQV0T

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RT @SwervingBtch: This is not just a family. It is a high class family, it is a familé. https://t.co/SIcIuQWIlg

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only time will tell if #fairytaleknight will get a dedicated eng sub team when it releases but... even if it doesn’… https://t.co/OKaXbMfnCq

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still filming for these next two weeks actually

and not a film but a variety show

a variety of what you ask? ov… https://t.co/zW7IFCj45I

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and now a word from the king of promo himself

fairytaleknight premieres august 4th

that’s it

that’s the tweet https://t.co/QIpMdwJbmd

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