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Who's the Most Filial of Them All?

PTO Movies in association with Clover Films and Picasso Productions announced the full cast list of upcoming movie, Filial Party 我是孝子! 

The star cast includes MediaCorp Artiste managed by Catwalk Asia Christopher Lee 李铭顺 (Kidnapper, The Wedding Game), Galaxy Entertainment’s Mark Lee 李国煌 (Taxi Taxi, Everybody’s Business) and MediaCorp Artiste Ann Kok 郭舒贤. 

The investors are now happy to announce that popular local actress Fly Entertainment’s Irene Ang 洪爱玲 (Ah Boys To Men I & II) , the multi-talented MediaCorp Artiste and host Guo Liang 郭亮 (It’s A Great Great World, Judgment Day) , veteran MediaCorp Artiste Richard Low 刘谦益 (Ah Boys To Men I & II), Getai legendary artiste Liu Ling Ling 刘玲玲 (Everybody’s Business, 881)  and Fly Entertainment’s Jimmy Taenaka (HBO's Dead Mine, The Man From Beijing) will join the ensemble cast assembled for the movie.

Singapore blogger-actress Hayley Woo bagged the role as Tryphena in this film after beating many during the auditions. 
About Filial Party Directed by Boris Boo巫培双 and scripted by award winning Rebecca Leow洪夕, Filial Party is set in modern Singapore where reality TV game show “I Am Filial” has taken the nation by storm with its $1-million prize money pledged for the winner who portrays exceptional filial piety. The popular game show is the brainchild of producer Millionaire Liu (played by Mark Lee), who is determined to achieve the highest ratings ever in local TV history. After a few grueling and exciting elimination rounds, the show has produced three final contestants from very different backgrounds and each with different agendas for joining the contest. School security guard Beng (played by Christopher Lee), hotshot lawyer Yishuang (played by Ann Kok) and high school student Tryphena will pull out all the stops to ensure that they will be the eventual winner.


The movie is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2014. Source:-Permalink: the Most Filial of Them All.aspx 

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Breast Cancer Awareness - "Pulling For A Cause"

This coming Saturday in Singapore! 6th Oct 2012 @Scape Park 10am-6pm"The Fight Against Breast Cancer" #PullingForACausehttp://www.Pulling For A Cause PSAVideo: PINK![](/attachments/2012/10/04/11/40600_201210041104031.thumb.jpg)

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HBO Asia feature to be released project soon...

HBO Asia DEAD MINEthe trailerVideo: Mizuno * Sam Hazeldine * Ario Bayu * Les Loveday Carmen Soo * Jaitov Tigor   * Joe Taslim * Mike Lewis  Jimmy TaenakaHBO Asia and Infinite Studios have teamed up for their first co-production in Asia! DEAD MINE features a rich mix of international and regional actors, and will be coming to your screens very soon on HBO! Stay tuned for more information on DEAD MINE.For more information, head over to our official sites for updates:http://www.hboasia.com

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The Man From Beijing driving a Tata Manza and walking into a Dead Mine

Yo!  It has been a long time since I posted in AnD but glad to be back! Hope everyone is alive and kickin' on set, photo shoots, writing and/or workshops honing your craft.My most recent project was an interesting feature shot entirely in Batam, Indonesia at the brand spanking new Infinite Studios with a 30,000 and 15,000 square foot sound stages equipped with air conditioning which is a gold in Southeast Asia. Here is a photo of the back lot: Period Chinatown In November and December 2011 we shot a feature film with a talented bunch of international cast and crew.DEAD MINE is Infinite Studios and HBO's 1st Asian Feature Film directed by Steven Sheil (Mum and Dad).This film also stars Japanese cult action star Miki Mizuno (Bayside Shakedown & Guilty of Romance), UK's Sam Hazeldine (The Raven), Les Loveday,  Indonesia's Joe Taslim (The Raid: Redemption), Ario Bayu (Java Heat), Mike Lewis, Bang Tigor, Malaysia's starlet Carmen Soo and yours truly.The sets were awesome too...  our Production Designer Ian Bailie (Atonement and Pride & Prejudice) is a mad artist and then our Cinematographer John Radel (Dance of the Dragon) has the beautiful eye for film. Great to work with these chaps.Dead Mine is slated for release in theaters in August 2012... so stay tuned. are some photos from location... we all became a family unit while shooting and we all cannot wait for the premiere as this will be our reunion.There were weeks of preparation working on the script... 8 hours a day! Loved every single moment! I had to keep up with Miki as she is a hard worker at her craft... many hours. Anyway, this is what we all live for as thespians.Miki Mizuno is cute here but she is one bad ass![](/attachments/2012/03/12/13/40600_201203121317021.thumb.jpg) Hard Revenge Millybreaking down scenes...HBO Press Conference: Jimmy Taenaka, Sam Hazeldine & Miki MizunoMiki Mizuno & Carmen SooCarmen Soo as Hello Kitty Ario Bayu is one awesome singer too![](/attachments/2012/03/12/13/40600_201203121303071.thumb.jpg)Profilin' Stylin' Sam Hazeldine, THE Mike Lewis & Jimmy Taenakaon action days: FIFA 12 on the XBOX 360 in our "Green Room"Miki Mizuno, Joe Taslim, Sam Hazeldine, Mike Lewis and Les Lovedaytill we meet again... can't wait![](/attachments/2012/03/12/13/40600_201203121326101.thumb.jpg)I am not sure which was tougher... Dead Mine the shoot or the Dead Mine Wrap Party!  The Man From Beijing - based on Henning Mankell's International Best Selling Thriller you watched the original "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" then this thriller may be for you as this is Yellow Bird Pictures 2nd coming. Directed by Peter KeglevicStarring: Germany's Suzanne von Borsody (great actress & lovely person), Sweden's Michael Nyqvist, Claudia Michelsen, Singapore's Amy Cheng (awesome actress) & Jimmy Taenaka asYa Ru.Filmed entirely in Austria, Sweden & Taiwan.Photos:Ya Ru with African DelegatesYa Ru using his political connectionsTaking care of business... pow![](/attachments/2012/03/12/13/40600_201203121342441.thumb.jpg)Ya Ru and sister Qui Hong (Amy Cheng)The Man From Beijing is a story of revenge stemming from generations of racism....and the last of everything till the next...TATA MANZA - Tanuka-san is Back![![](/attachments/2012/03/12/14/40600_201203121400471.thumb.jpg)](/ is the 2nd installment for Tata which was shot in India. I have had a blast working with the entire crew in India. Thanks guys and gals![](/attachments/2012/03/12/14/40600_201203121400361.thumb.jpg)Due for release is the short film: FINAL DEFECTDirected by AnD Artiste ALARIC TAY who is also Singapore's funny man on International Emmy Award winning show "The Noose"Ok! That's all folks! Take Care![](/attachments/2012/03/12/14/40600_201203121412121.thumb.jpg)

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TATA MANZA -A Class Apart commercial

TATA MANZA - A Class Apart Character: Tanuka-sanBrand: ManzaCompany: Tata MotorsAdvertising Agency: Draft FCB UlkaDirectors: johndoe@johndoefilm.tvProduction Company: Pumpkin Mediafilming location in Pune, India & Kuch Desert, IndiaIt was my first time working in India and it was an incredible experience! This campaign was a hit during the Cricket World Cup and is still airing as the Rugby World Cup is in full effect.This commercial is special to me... not only to work in India where I learned so much of the people and culture but it was the friends that I made while working... and the great thing we are always in touch from the directors, ad agency, production office, the DP/Lighting and Ishaan our trusty A.D. The character Tanuka-san is a CEO is just an honest businessman while some say he has links to the Yakuza.Actors from Mongolia: Bibby Bilguun, Young Engineer in the boot & Zolbayar MagsarThese guys were very cool! One day i will visit the in Mongolia  The set![](/attachments/2011/09/26/22/40600_201109262241281.thumb.jpg)Gentleman! The reason we are here... the new Tata Manza![](/attachments/2011/09/26/22/40600_201109262250191.thumb.jpg)Directors: Stjepan (Germany) & Thiago (Portugal) Camera: Hemant (one of the best in India)These guys are awesome to work with on any given day!Another view of location... BIG SPACE! WE HAVE?the rest of the dedicated cast2nd location: Kuch Desert, India at 6am 200 kilometers near the Pakistan borderThis is an example of No Man's Land... very very dry land and super blazing hot![](/attachments/2011/09/26/23/40600_201109262313481.thumb.jpg)my favorite photo too!Farewell! and stay tuned till the next... Tanuka-san will be back![](/attachments/2011/09/26/23/40600_201109262318031.thumb.jpg)Sayonara!

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BMX - Old Skool

Yo AnD'ers, It has been many moons since I posted a write up... I guess you could say  lazy lazy lazzzzzzy.Anyway, was reflecting while walking my dog Kobe... Yup, named after my fave NBA hoopster Kobe Bryant.Cutting to the chase: Alive Not Dead is probably my first maybe second venture into social networking... and was there with me from the beginning till this present day... so is my OG!.AnD is my networking crib. Thanks  I have ventured into something that I did way back  in the 70's / 80's... and it's not watching cartoons or even skateboarding... it is BMX aka Bicycle Motocross.I used to  mountain bike back in the days living in beautiful Santa Barbara, California... my first bike was a Mongoose and then a Diamondback... I was thrilled... of course, I thought my wheels were dat shiznit!A few weeks ago, I purchased a BMX... so here it is:P.K. Ripper Looptail -SE Enterprise RacingI am 46 years old and you could say I am a kid at heart... I get weird looks sometimes from folks around SIngapore... some have come up to me and said, "Aren't you a little too big for this bike?" my reply, "No! it's not the size of the bike but how you ride it"To tell you the truth...I can't ride like I used too but it is pure fun and makes me happy.I was also looking back when I was a youngster and asked my parents to buy me a BMX like the other kids in my hood... but they couldn't afford to buy it for me... of course, my taste was expensive... I wanted the Mongoose and Redline series.Instead, my parents bought me a replica BMX which had WARNING stickers NOT for BMX use.Did I listen? Heck no! My bike weighed a ton too.Today, in my off time from working on film/tv gigs... I have been calling and traveling to all the different bike shops around Singapore that cater to BMX... Talk about FUN! Even search on online sites...One of them is Skyway... they are known for the infamous Tuff Wheels... I always had my eyes on these other than the normal Aluminum Alloy rims.Tuff Wheels III also purchased the Sunday Tall T-Bars to replace the P.K. Ripper stock one:If you notice the little bell... well, I had to get one because in Singapore there is no way in hell I am going to ride on the street... the drivers here are killers! No mercy for pedestrians or bikers, therefore, courteous to others. Asian way  Well, here is my finished product so far:This is me profiling and frontin' at the Skate & Bike Park in Singapore a few weeks ago.My next project is looking for Old School pegsI want to learn tricks BMX Flatland: anybody has any suggestions... let me school!Off to the gym while I park my ride![](/attachments/2011/08/15/18/40600_201108151806171.thumb.jpg)Sayonara! 

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Yellow Bird Pictures' The Chinese Man

At this spring’s MIP TV in Cannes, Beta Film is showcasing international top series such as Henning Mankell's "The Man from Beijing" adaptation  The Chinese Man
Jimmy T as Ya RuSuzanne von Borsody (Run Lola Run) as Judge Birgitta Roslin. Suzanne is an awesome actress and beautiful lady with the most extraordinary heart... a friend for life... we had many sit downs talking about the craft of films, acting and Rutger Hauer... funny![](/attachments/2011/04/27/19/40600_201104271945441.thumb.jpg)Michael Nyqvist (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) as Staffan RoslinDirector Peter Keglevic a purist in the art of filmmaking... "what a pleasue to work with"Amy Cheng as Qui Hong... Amy is a dear friend and a fine actress to work with again...Qui Hong is Ya Ru's sisterThis Thriller was shot in Austria, Sweden and Taipei... We had a great time with each other while working on this interesting project with the most interesting people from all walks of life... Germany, Taiwan, Austria, Sweden, France, Singapore, Korea and USA.

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2010 Youth Olympic Games - Torch Bearer

Now that filming is completed on DER CHINESE MANN aka THE MAN FROM BEIJING by Henning Mankell (International Best Seller Thriller)...Jimmy T as Qui Ya RuSingapore's Amy Cheng as Qui Hong##2 days until the YOU TH  OLYMPIC GAM ES begin!

On 10 August 2010... I had the great honor to carry the Olympic Flame across Singapore on the 3rd Day of its journey leading into the Opening Ceremonies at the Float@Marina Bay marking the 1st ever Youth Olympic Games on 14 August 2010. The Journey of the Olympic Flame:The Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) seeks to connect youth around the world to the Olympic Movement by inspiring them to embrace, embody and express the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. The JYOF will start in Ancient Olympia, Greece with the lighting of the first Youth Olympic Flame in July 2010.The Youth Olympic Flame will travel to one city in each of the five continents, namely:*Berlin, Germany, representing the continent of Europe

*Dakar, Senegal, representing the continent of Africa *Mexico City, Mexico, representing the continent of Americas *Auckland, New Zealand, representing the continent of Oceania *Seoul, Republic of Korea, representing the continent of AsiaThe most exciting part for me especially is the     WRESTLING    Competition on the 15th (Greco-Roman), 16th (Jr. Women's Freestyle)& 1 7th (Jr. Men's Freestyle) at the Suntec International Convention Center.Dating back: the Youth Olympic Games WRESTLING Mat "A" at the Suntec ICCTEAM SINGAPORE WRESTLING - Youth Olympic Games 2010###KESTER LEUNG CHUN YUE  Jr. Men's Freestyle Wrestling ###NATASHA ERNA PUTERI Jr. Women's Freestyle Wrestling ALL THE BEST FROM THEWRESTLING FEDERATION OF SINGAPORE![](/attachments/2010/08/12/08/40600_201008120842261.thumb.jpg)#3156 Relaying the Torch into Hougang Stadium JYOF Team PhotoTEAM SINGAPORE BASKETBALL CAPTAINS###LOW WENQIANG RUSSEL &  HANNAH NG JIA HUIGO FOR THE GOLD![](/attachments/2010/08/12/08/40600_201008120859501.thumb.jpg)

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Men's Style - May 2010

AnD, It has been a longtime since I posted anything... feels great to be back! :-)That's All Folks! 

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Men's Health - October 2009

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