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San Diego Asian Film Festival…revisited

Was just down in San Diego with the gang this past weekend for the San Diego Asian Film Festival.  Last time I was there was five years ago when Better Luck Tomorrow was the opening night film…and also serving as a festival volunteer.  So all these years later, I was back and it was great to see all the festival faces again and see how much this festival has grown and how much more popular it has gotten. Big ups to Lee Ann Kim, the Executive Director of the festival, for doing a fantastic job once again. She never cea...Read more

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Hey everyone…was just chillin’ in San Diego for the weekend hangin’ w/ some friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  Found out there's a really good buzz bout ‘Finishing The Game’ down there amongst the people I know and also…amongst people I didn’t know.  Some friends knew about it through me, but there were lots of friends of friends of friends, (guess in Myspace terms, they would be in my extended network?? =P that were planning on either seeing it at the San Diego Asian Film Festival this week, or when it comes out in San Diego on Oct. 26.  Whe...Read more

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Bruce Lee sighting at local seafood market!!!

Or should I say Bruce Lee stand-in sighting =)…While cleaning up my place yesterday, I came across the mythical and symbolic Bruce Lee Yellow Jumpsuit.  I remember myself  and the other actors on set the day we got to put on these yellow jumpsuits for the first time, and when you have it on…you feel this sense of great aura…this confidence and empowerment, like you can fly or something.  In fact, I believe every crew member tried on the jumpsuit to get a picture of themselves in it.  Anyway…realizing that we are...Read more

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Justin Lin a.k.a. Mullet Man!

What's up all.  Just read an article bout Justin in the NY times as he's having Korean bbq w/ Julie, Roger, Sung and others... here's the link: 

New York Times Article: A recipe for Success

Everyone labels me as the partier of the crew, but I think I need to pick it up...cuz I swear from this article, Roger's day by day blogs and photos, you would think all these guys do is eat, chat a littl...Read more

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ohhhhhh…my aching belly, it’s about to pop!  I just got back from a new seafood buffet that opened near my house, and I stuffed myself w/ anything and everything they had to offer…especially the raw oysters on a half shell.  Lately, I’ve been on this weird raw oyster phase, I’m freakin’ hooked on em’…if I go to a buffet, I have to find out whether they offer raw oysters or not before I go.  And when I’m there, I can easily have 15-20 by myself.  I can eat more, but I stop myself, just cuz I don’t wanna get sick, and it only takes one bad oyster fo...Read more

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“I’m Bloggin’ SexyBack…Yeaaa!!!”

Hey what’s up all!  First, just want to thank everyone who welcomed me… I can tell this is a great community here on AnD.  So this is my first time bloggin’…ever…so what am I going to blog about in my inaugural blog?  nothing…Absolutely Nothing!  SUCKERS!! j/k  Sorry, that’s my lame attempt to mimic the opening scene of “Simpsons:  The Movie”, which y’all should go see if you haven’t.  Anyway, this first blog is gonna be for all the sexy people out there…which is every member here on AnD from what I’ve seen =).  A friend of m...Read more

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Welcome to my page!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to my blog page.  It's gonna be like "Mr Toad's Wild Ride"... so enjoy the ride and hopefully we won't end up in hell. ;)  And thank you all in advance for supporting 'Finishing The Game'.  Much love…

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