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  • Hi friends,
    I am from India and I would like to tell you all that I am a big fan of "JET LI". So, all fans of JET LI please become my friend and if anyone knows that how can I contact JET LI please tell me. I really want to talk either in phone or face to face.........

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    Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008 1:31PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Hello friends,

            How are you.  I am an indian boy doing my post graduation. Actually , I am a great fan of JET LI and always tries to collect information about this great and decent actor from magzines, newspapers, tv etc. but I never tried internet for this purpose because I  am not internet user means I use internet very less). But , one day my friend suggest me to use internet and says I will get any information I want about JET LI. I tried almost for 1 week but as I am not much familiar to internet much , I always fails to get information.

         But I don't loose my heart and regularly tries to find and finally , I got this website ( may be it is especially for JET LI fans). Now, I am very happy that I successfully joined this website and it make me feel like that I am in touch of JET LI.

    I am requesting to all members if they have any information about JET LI which they would like to share with me. please share , I will be waiting for their response.....................

    please tell me whether JET LI also visit on this website or not??????????????????

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  • I am very simple and decent indian guy. I like to make friedns on net and I can do anything for a true or best friends...


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