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Ravi Bisht

movies of li lian jie

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hello again

Hello friends,

   I know may be non of you remember me and it doesn't effect anyone what i write in it or do or whether i online or not. but i really feel very happy to write here my feelings. either i didn't got chance to write here much or to come online daily, but  as i get time to come online so today me writing this just to feel good or to share my feelings with u all.

So, today i am writig my feelings about my favourite star and u all knw who is his and he is very famous , he is known as JET LI but his real chinese name is Li Lian Jie. So friends you know i like him very although out of all movies his few movies are not so much interesting but he does his role pritty well.  I know he has many fans not only in china but all over the world who wants to meet him. and i m only one of them, may be it doesn't affect him that how his fan feels about him.

 I am saying this as he didn't reply me any of my message in his profile may be he is too busy in his schedule that he didn't get time to write or to reply the comments. 

huh i m not criticizing him but  may be u all pretty well understand that how it feels when someone whom u like doesn't respond u.

dear friends, can anyone tell me how can we contact li or even anyone guide me how can i even contact him. does anyone know his mobile number ? or any his schedule when he meet his fans or anything like it.

Is there any competition or anything which results in meeting li. please friends tell me if any one of u know this.


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Blog: Tuesday, Aug 10

hello frnds,

   i m back again, actually i have many likes and many dislikes but do u my studies i don't get time to do my likings. now i got time to do this.

dear frnds my college will be completing in the upcoming year and after that i will get  a job . i knw i hav to do work .

love u friends and i hope we can go to hang out sometime.


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my second day feeling

Hi friends,

 I want to share my feelings with you all. Although its not of any great or not good  but I am very happy by becoming a member or by joining this website.

I am really very sorry as I have not much time to share all my feelings. I hope i will share feelings with you again.

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reason to join this website

Hello friends,

        How are you.  I am an indian boy doing my post graduation. Actually , I am a great fan of JET LI and always tries to collect information about this great and decent actor from magzines, newspapers, tv etc. but I never tried internet for this purpose because I  am not internet user means I use internet very less). But , one day my friend suggest me to use internet and says I will get any information I want about JET LI. I tried almost for 1 week but as I am not much familiar to internet much , I always fails to get information.

     But I don't loose my heart and regularly tries to find and finally , I got this website ( may be it is especially for JET LI fans). Now, I am very happy that I successfully joined this website and it make me feel like that I am in touch of JET LI.

I am requesting to all members if they have any information about JET LI which they would like to share with me. please share , I will be waiting for their response.....................

please tell me whether JET LI also visit on this website or not??????????????????

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Hi friends, I am from India and I would like to tell you all that I am a big fan of "JET LI". So, all fans of JET LI please become my friend and if ...Read more

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