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movies of li lian jie

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hello again

Hello friends,

   I know may be non of you remember me and it doesn't effect anyone what i write in it or do or whether i online or not. but i really feel very happy to write here my feelings. either i didn't got chance to write here much or to come online daily, but  as i get time to come online so today me writing this just to feel good or to share my feelings with u all.

So, today i am writig my feelings about my favourite star and u all knw who is his and he is very famous , he is known as JET LI but his real chinese n...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Aug 10

hello frnds,

   i m back again, actually i have many likes and many dislikes but do u my studies i don't get time to do my likings. now i got time to do this.

dear frnds my college will be completing in the upcoming year and after that i will get  a job . i knw i hav to do work .

love u friends and i hope we can go to hang out sometime.


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my second day feeling

Hi friends,

 I want to share my feelings with you all. Although its not of any great or not good  but I am very happy by becoming a member or by joining this website.

I am really very sorry as I have not much time to share all my feelings. I hope i will share feelings with you again.

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reason to join this website

Hello friends,

        How are you.  I am an indian boy doing my post graduation. Actually , I am a great fan of JET LI and always tries to collect information about this great and decent actor from magzines, newspapers, tv etc. but I never tried internet for this purpose because I  am not internet user means I use internet very less). But , one day my friend suggest me to use internet and says I will get any information I want about JET LI. I tried almost for 1 week but as I am not much familiar t...Read more

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Hi friends, I am from India and I would like to tell you all that I am a big fan of "JET LI". So, all fans of JET LI please become my friend and if

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