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  • While I'm in Australia...

    Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011 11:00AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Hey guys,

      Sorry for the long MIA!!! Uprooting to a new country is always hectic (to say the least).
      So I've been away from the Singapore + online scene for a while now and heaps of people have been asking if I've left the media / acting scene. 
      BUT guess what?
      I'm still here... and these are updates on my lingering presence...

    FOREVER 我愛你愛你愛你!
    Wee Li Lin's new feature FOREVER 我愛你愛你愛你 is finally out!
    Despite my mini comical cameo in there, I really did enjoy the little time I worked on this piece. I mean how often do I (a) get to wear a FAT SUIT and (b) eat my way throughout a day of work?
    Can you even imagine that scene? Aren't you dying to catch the hilarity of it all?
    FOREVER 我愛你愛你愛你 in Singapore cinemas 3rd March 2011!

    Brought to you by SINDdie, and co-organized by Substation & Objectifs, 100 Posters is held in conjunction with Singapore Short FIlm Awards 2011.  Admission is free and it showcases poster art, made possible by contributions from more that 60 directors!
    I spotted my face (via online publicity) in posters such as Pleasure Factory 快乐工厂 and When Night Fa11s.
    Pleasure Factory 快乐工厂 Poster (on top right of Tanjong Rhu Poster by Boo Jun Feng). ***This poster version of Pleasure Factory 快乐工厂 was previously NOT released in Singapore, but displayed during it's premiere in Cannes Film Festival.
    When Night Fa11s, AKA number 80.
    Also sighted other films I've been involved in, such as, Forever 我愛你愛你愛你, Blood Ties 還魂, and who knows what else!
    If you would like to support Singaporean films, or curious about this mini industry we have, alongside part of its short history, do drop by Substation before the 6th March 2011!

    After screenings in IndiePanda Hongkong and Bangkok's World's Film Festival, Mickey is finally making its way to Singapore! As part of the Singapore Short Film Awards, Mickey will be screening on the 4th of March 2011 as a nominee of "Best Experiment Film" and "Best Art Direction" award. More details can be found on the Substation website
    Last month, When Night Fa11s was screened in Beloit International Film Festival , Wisconsin, USA 2011 and will make its appearance in August 2011 in Sacramento Film & Music Festival, California, USA 2011. When Night Fa11s has also won awards in Milan & USA for both its music & film since last year!
    Last but not least, feature film, Blood Ties 還魂, made it into the Taiwan market in January 2011! Go Singapore films!!!
    I don't know, I haven't been around. Maybe you can update me a little? Perhaps TV reruns of my shows? Random publicity I've missed out?

    I may be busy, but I'm still here and I miss all of you peeps out there, heaps. *hUgz~


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