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SHOTSUNITE campaign shoot -Behind the scenes video

Here is a quick look at what went on behind the scenes, during the shoot i did for the SHOTSUNITE Campaign.

For more information about the brand feel free to check out their webpage:


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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
Raffi says :
ok, the data is in.... being a photographer is the best job in the universe!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
Patrick Lee says :
everyone in this video is beautiful...
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Carag 94 carag
Cara Grogan says :
Who is that chic running around with the dog, i like her hat
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Photo 95928
craig leeson says :
That wasn't a dog. It was a flock of animated floor mops. Good work Jesper.
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Photo 320525
Joyce Hu says :
LOVE this photog / stylist team, you two. I know many of them and they always work well. So cute!! miss you all! xxx
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