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Van Ness Stops Time

Time stopped briefly Sunday Night while Van Ness Wu performed at the Fillmore for APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month) in New York City.  Tight and intense, the consummate performer gave his all to the adoring audience.  Old favorites, new releases, and a bit of personal chatter, Van Ness wowed the audience in his first New York appearance.  In his ‘God is better than Sex’ t-shirt, Van Ness delivered everything one could want from a star of his caliber in the intimate setting.

Without body guards , on a tiny stage without...Read more

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2009's Failures.....

editor rufus This year...

I finished a screenplay and submitted it to a major contest where it failed to move on and no one wants to read it.

I wrote a manga and the creator doesn't have time to finish it because he's working on paying stuff- inspite of the fact that the publisher is waiting for it.

I edited and submitted a novel to another contest...Read more

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Tough Year...

You want to be upbeat and positive and believe that all things will work for good, but you'd like to be a little selfish and think... My good... doesn't always happen, does it. We start year 2 of the big health battle at my house. Creatively everything has fallen apart as well... finding a job in a down market in a depressed area is difficult... and in all the chaos and mess... finding joy and reasons to be content take work. Today it takes more than I have. Maybe it will be easier tomorrow... maybe.... Having faith, giving thanks, keep...Read more

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The 'BIG' Manga Project...

When I was first approached about writing volume 2 of a manga I love by a creator that I respect, I said "YES!" instantly. It was only later that the complexity of the task felt overwhelming.

Kind of a version of extreme...Read more

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I was in total denial as I spent days trying not to write on the project that will actually get published and pay me something for my effort. Day after day went by and I couldn't figure out how to continue the story line.

So I went back to the basics. I read everything I could in that genre for about two weeks, but I was still blocked. I ordered new music and spent a week lost in the sounds of Thai pop- still blocked. I cleaned the house, did the laundry, made summer plans knowing I have to have a first draft done before I leave- the blo...Read more

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The hardest part about being a writer is the rejection process. It doesn't matter how much the rejection letter flatters you, the fact remains that this one too isn't going to publish your work- for whatever reason they give you. For me, I have to fight to not take it personally and to find the resolve to keep fighting, keep trying, keep writing, keep believing that someday... the rejection process will be behind me.... some day.

But where does that strength of will come from, that belief that what you're writing is important...Read more

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submitted.... now we wait... and wait... and wait.....

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The Long Season

I've been fighting with technical details on this screenplay. I'd think I had the formatting perfect, hit print and poof... 166 pages instead of 124. Hours of editing later, of nearly 18 drafts later, of changing a word and then changing it back, of praying over it constantly, and something really odd happened... the title changed.

I rarely change the title to anything once I have a strong title, but it was amazing how I knew the new title was perfect. The Long Season- it reflects being together for the long haul, for not givi...Read more

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There is a serious restlessness and irritability that arrives at the completion of a project before the beginning of the next one. All the houseboundness, stuck at a keyboard for days overwhelms me and I need to escape- quickly. I need a roadtrip- a couple of days away to recharge, but I'm not good company when I'm like this. But this time I need to begin prep for work the middle of the month and I could be writing the first three chapters for the manga since I'm sure the editor isn't going to mess with that part of the story much...Read more

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Dancing In The Fast Lane

It's a quirky little screenplay- probably not destined for a huge hollywood hit, but one that shows a range of acting skills and emotions- full of conflict, love, and frustration. Add a bit of angst, a lot of fast cars, and an irresistable child to the mix and you have a taste of what it's like.

I'm really happy with the result though. It's the best I can write and it's the story I wanted to tell.

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