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Looking for initial investors for a new moving company. Rich people pay me 200 dollars each in groups of five I ass… https://t.co/sB28V6dXfk

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@AquaBirdie That’s an excellent deal.

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@amandawtwong I’ve wrote this sketch like five years ago. I’m gonna be rich someday once I get my initial investors.

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@NickCho Come on!!! It’s where all the cool kids hang.

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Starting a new workout plan for rich people. Pay me 200 dollars come to my house hop in a bicycle rickshaw and take… https://t.co/zAzLShcxP9

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Friendly suggestion for @Equinox: Select gym members do the vacumning and the wiping while maintenance workers stil… https://t.co/t6Z3lz5E8r

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Starting a new workout plan where rich people pay 200 dollars to come and clean my house. Ima be rich. And clean. I… https://t.co/DtHMqgf8z5

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Maybe it’s time to revive #AsianAvenue too??? ??? https://t.co/r4JnnyqJyn

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@MatthewACherry This is so good.

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@nicolebyer ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ oh my

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