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  • hello from new york city.

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  • STPL FW08 PT 3.

    Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008 1:09PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Just in time for the holiday season. Here's the final delivery for our Fall 08 Collection. ホリデーシーズンに間に合いました。これが2008年Fallコレクションの最後のデリバリーです。

    A lot of people have been waiting for this one...the TIBIAL PLAID SHIRT with matching necktie. Time to get your BoyzIIMen on! これはたくさんの人が待ちわびていました。。。TIBIAL PLAID SHIRTとお揃いのネクタイ付き。みんなでBoyzIIMenになろう!

    FEMORAL PLACKET SHIRT. This baby has so many dope little details on it that you really must see one in person. Bartacks galore, hidden button placket on the CF (except for 1 button.) Envelope flap on the chest pocket. Leather patch on the back. This is a lifelong keeper. FEMORAL PLACKET SHIRT。これは色々な細かいディテールがあるので実際手にとって見てほしい。バータック三昧、CFに隠れたプラケットボタン(1つ以外は)。胸ポケットにはエンペロップフラップ。後ろにはレザーパッチ。これは一生物です。

    And some more tees with that Biological twist...そして、生物学テイストのTシャツ。。。

    INNARDS tee by Dan F. INNARDS teeはDan.F作。

    MINDS OPTIC Tee. Love this concept. It's inspired by a verse I heard from Nas:
    MINDS OPTIC Tee。このコンセプトはお気に入り。Nasのリリックからインスパイアされました。
    That's the answers to the puzzle I gave you, now here's a promise
    My next few albums, instead of projects,
    They'll be a difficult test inside the cover for the mind's optics
    Come in my hood, but bring the guns with you, it's dark
    Headed through Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, Staten, and Bronx
    Headed through Compton, Oaktown, South Central, and Watts
    New Orleans, Mississippi, Chi-town, every block
    I'm trying to have my positive ways, I put my rhymes on page
    Did crimes and headline on stage
    I Signed a contract, so here it is, you have it
    Streets disciple, I'm STILLMATIC"

    I HEART NY. Reppin the city where we come from. Showing our anatomical love for NYC.
    (Shelley B rocks the illo.)
    I HEART NY。地元の町をレペゼン。僕たちのニューヨークへの解剖学的愛。(イラストはShelly B作。)

    For those who love kicks like oxygen...BREATHE KICKS. (Shelley B does the pencil work again.) 空気のようにキックスが必要不可欠なら。。。BREATHE KICKS。(Shelly Bがまたもや鉛筆捌きでやってくれました。)

    STPL BONES....oh so cleva. STPL Bones。。。クレバーだね。

    Of course this collection wouldn't be complete without our feathered friend. So we reinterpreted the pigeon as a skeleton. The bottom says "Columbia Livia". Figure it out...もちろん、僕たちのお友達のハトがいないとコレクションは完成しません。なので、ハトの骨格を表現しました。一番下には「Columbia Livia」と書かれています。どういう意味かは考えてください。。。
    Everything is available at Reed Space now. You can see some other colorways at the Reed site.
    すべてReed Spaceで手に入ります。他のカラーはReedサイトでチェック。

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  • silky
    posted on Saturday, Nov 29, 2008 3:56PM [Report]
    The Plaid shirts are really interesting with nice details
  • ching388
    posted on Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 1:08PM [Report]
    such a nice t-shirt
  • backtoself
    posted on Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 4:38AM [Report]
    I love the t-thirts! The NY one is the best and I'm not even from NY!
    Congrats and I wish you much success
    Peace and take care
  • ryanstyle
    Official artist 
    posted on Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008 11:07PM [Report]
    nice flannel!
  • charlynlim89
    posted on Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008 4:16PM [Report]
    definitely something i would wear.
    wish the checks were a little bigger. with lesser use of colours.

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