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JC 'Awakening' Photo Book + Van Ness Wu autographs | JC 'Awakening' 攝影輯義賣籌款 + 吳建豪簽名 | JC 'Awakening'摄影辑义卖筹款+吴建豪签名 | JC's 'Awakening' 写真集+ヴァネス・ウーのサイン入り

On December 18th 2007, a photography exhibition was organized for the works of the Photographer JC, who was stricken with cancer at the young age of 34.  The exhibition was titled 'Awakening' and was organized by his friends and supporters.  In addition to recognizing JC's work,  the exhibition was also a fundraiser to help ease the financial burden on his family...Read more

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