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Spirit warriors

Final the promo is out for spirit warriors!! It looks fab and i can't wait for it to air in Jan 2010. Im gonna give yall a lil look at some of the make up.  Very exciting month aswell for me as the shortfilm i did with the bbc playing a very interesting character airs at the end of this month! Then it will be screened at the BFI! very nervous about this project as the themes that were explored was challenging. But oh well we live and learn. peace and love for now.

Enjoy the Promo

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whats gwaning!

Been a while since i entered anything! Iz is being a busy G...recently filmed my first short film for the BBC. The role is my first lead and never thought i'd do something like that so early on. The director seemed happy and time was for sure limited! sometimes the  AD only gave me a limit of doing it in TWO takes! talk about pressure!!! O well we live and learn. Apart from that looking forward to a lovely holiday with my number champion! hope all you folks are well and keeping dandy!

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i got a butterfly

Next week we start shooting...and nerves are uppon me! in a good way though ... there is so much expectation on this project so no fuck ups are allowed. LOL Especially on my part playing this character! but oh well the adventures begin. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!X

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A little bit of hong kong action in london.

Last week was amazingly fun got to do something that I have always wanted to do on camera...ACTION! British productions never really get to see or do much martial arts on screen.

However working with a fight director who has worked with some of the best martial arts ICONS in Hong Kong was the iceing on the cake! Jude Poyer aka gwai lo on fire, is a humble caucasian brother, i call him a boiled egg, white on the outside and yellow within. There are a couple of other stunt guys that are on a whole other level! It's not a biggy in asia because were use to seeing it on our tv screens but for a uk audience watching tv and seeing people fly around and flip up walls and doing chi blasts!  It's all just too crazy...HAHa

But working on the pre production of Bo & the spirirt world has been fun now I just got to learn all my lines etc etc and the real work begins soon. So watch this space. Something hit me though as we were rehearsing the fight scenes! We got to do it take after take and I have even more respect for those actors who do action films. NO PAIN NO GAIN!


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I had an eventful evening last night with friends. Setting up my good mate with my girlfriends friend! Classic.....however we didn't make it that obvious i think as we had her other girlfriends there for the approval nods!

They hit off the night well we went for coffee before dinner! There was a weird moment when we were being seated at the resturant. There's that pressure that everyone should sit in a structure where the two people who don't know they're being set up sit opposit each other. So the "smooth operator " that I am, not, I said to my mate quite loud" You sit there", will call him T, and you sit there, referring to the girl will call her D.

As i turned round to my left i had people giving me funny looks ! Gosh knows why!? lol then looked to the future couple and saw them both blushing! Which meant they new what was going on!

both haven't been on the dating scene for a while because their busy with work but thought they'd both get along well as their line of work is on similar grounds. But has a nice balance so they could talk about their professions causually enough.

After, we went for drinks where I told more stupid jokes that are cringe worthy and slightly frowned uppon and ever so slighty distasteful.  Whilst amongst the laughter they both were engaged in an intense conversation! Which is good!

It ended with him asking her out to catch a show!! Which had to be done with the correct tone because it could come across as a " yeah that sounds great!!! Guys we should all go! you lot up for it!?" and thats the worst thing a guy could hear! im sure its happen to a couple of guys or gals!  But thankfully it didn't on this occasion. We were all saying our good byes when he asked her out on another date and we all heard naturally because we were all listening in! Then we all fanned away as he was asking her just to give them a bit of space!! lol ok enough gossiping and acting like a teenager! hahah

It was fun though

was very scared that it could have all went horrible wrong!

to be continued!

love, peace and good karma.

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The Ride

We first met on a golden nightAs the moon radiated love lightOn the dock of the bay.Somewhere between the real deal and an illusionWe lay unapologeticallyStroking each others lack of responsibility.'I want to be a poet,'She said looking over the mountain,'I want to be a hippy,'She said checking out me natty dread,'I want to be political,'She whispered as she admired my scars,'I may not look it, but I'm really oppressed,'She said smiling,Handing me her welfare book.The sea lassoed the shoreTime and night hovered towards daylightAnd bellyfilled foxes sniffed their way home.She put the blanket over her headFarted, and fell asleep.The next time I saw herShe was trying to find The Goddess of Plenty,Desperately seeking the freewayAnd after me money.'It's different for women,' she said'We can use men for their bodiesMen do it to us all the time.'The next time I saw herShe ran over me with her wheelchair.

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Man is it hard for an actor of colour in England to get work that doesn't involve an accent! Knowing your going into casting rooms and only being seen because they need to tick an equal opps box! i don't know whether to be offended or to be pro to the cause! The BBC are saying that each tv show has to have a token ethnic person in it otherwise they cannot air! And the stuff they write for East Asian actors all involve though we all talk like that!

But anyway there are more important things in life but knowing that NOT one show in the uk has a chinese or yellow person as a main character is bit mad! you get black brown but no yellow!and the one person they do showcase on tv ends up to be selling bootleg DVDS! FUDGE-ING HELL! American TV has more East Asians on tv these days but the community here is under represented in the media! If you've ever had the chance to come to the UK you will see chinese people more or less in every major city! cause their sure ain't a shortage of chinese resturants!

Sorry if this sounds like a wrant its not! Just was wondering if there is anyone else who shares similar views!? But is a bit of a wrant! lol

all love and sending good karma


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So its been a busy start to the year...i have been doing lots of playreadings and read loads of new writing. London's actors are on the ball with their wit and humour...heres a reading i did not too long ago for a bbc pilot!

check it out its all about culture in london and has a great cast of old school british actors.

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Euro City Break

So went for a short break to Barcelona! Was an interesting trip. Walked too much, the food was over priced and full of tourist traps. However the art and buildings were beautiful. They showed real history and culture.

I find that Barcelona is one of those places where you can visit but not really live in...but that depends on the person i guess. For me a country with a good variety of food has a big part to play. Having been able to visit Singapore from a young age your taste buds come alive and not dead. sorry no pun intended! Also the weather determins your level of tension, u just breeze through life with a little bit of sunshine!

Barcelona is a great place to do some soul searching the mountain surroundings and the sea really help with it all! You ever find yourself thinking for the sake of thinking!? Because how can that be! No thoughts!? But its the mode your in, allowing you mind to be free. And I find this place everytime im by the beach just chilling! I found my cafe del mar shall i say! So my long weekend was eventful! hope the same was for everyone else.........

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My blog has been launched

Welcome to my newly created profile! I hope you come back and check frequently. I'll be posting some fresh and interesting things to share with you. Feel free to bookmark this profile and recommend it to your friends. Let's all share together!


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