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Recently finished watching the japanese drama episodes of 電車男 (Train man). It is a popular series made few years back which is supposed to be based on a true story. There was so much hype it was unbeliveable.

Story is about a guy in Japan who is a otaku (Nerd, geek). He is played by Ito Atsushi, who is so funny he make u cry. Who one day on a train tries to stop a old drunk guy hassling women on a train. One of the women in perticular he saves (Ito Misaki, beautiful/ innocent) Sends him a thankyou present for his kind heroics. From there he begins to try to date her.

Thats when the circus of antics happen. Its like Beauty and the beast story ha ha.

In a way reason why it was so popular was because alot of men could relate in one way or another with that guy. Theres no place for nice guys in this world when i comes to love. I enjoyed watching it and cracked up laughing throughout the episodes. 9/10

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