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Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams make me remember again...

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Blog: Monday, Jun 28

Heart Broken... Dont you hate that feeling? The feeling that you just had a hole punched

right through your chest...

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Cant save everybody...

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Happy Valentines Day

Instead of messaging everyone individually am just going to write it hear.


This is really a girls day i think, i think all the guys would agree lol so i hope all you dudes out there make your gfs happy on this special day and treat them like a queen. Hope u all have a Romantic time with your other halfs

Now for everyone else who is single and is sick of the lovey duvey crap that you hea...Read more

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Derby University CSA New Year Party 2009

Derby CSA Party 2009

Few days ago i was invited to the Derby U Chinese Society New Year party and also to celebrate the Lantern Festival. My brother went to cus he is already a student there.

My brother already goes to University there so it was cool for him to be there and enjoy the celebrations with the other chinese students. I felt weird because am not a student anymore and work. So was funny when people asked me if i was in my first ye...Read more

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Japanese Food

I love trying and eating different types of food especially chinese and japanese food. Heres a few photots of the japanese snacks ive tried and ate this year.


<...Read more

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Chinese New Year 2009

These are my Lay Cee that i got for the new year. I used to get like 20 when i was younger. Now 10 years on its gone down lol. But always good to get a few

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Snow Snow Snow

Snow Snow Snow ~

Thats all i can say! What a day. Worse snow ive seen in UK for a long time...

Driving in it was crazy, accidents everywhere. Then having to work in that weather for 6 hours, freezing cold >__<"

  • View of my car outside my house, begining of the snow*

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Since last year been really bored of living and working in UK, feel thats theres nothing really here for me   I have family and friends here but been really wanting to go back to HK or even Japan for a change of life and Scene.

Now everyone tells me its hard to find a job in HK even if u have the Quals and experience. That maybe true but if you dont try you dont know, but i have no worries. Deep down inside i have a feeling that i will be okay what ever i decide to do Read more

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Recently finished watching the japanese drama episodes of 電車男 (Train man). It is a popular series made few years back which is supposed to be based on a true story. There was so much hype it was unbeliveable.

Story is about a guy in Japan who is a otaku (Nerd, geek). He is played by Ito Atsushi, who is so funny he make u cry. Who one day on a train tries to stop a old drunk guy hassling women on a train. One of the women in perticular he saves (Ito Misaki, beautiful/ innocent) Sends him a than...Read more

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