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Jason wan

Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams make me remember again...

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Blog: Monday, Jun 28

Heart Broken... Dont you hate that feeling? The feeling that you just had a hole punched

right through your chest...

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Cant save everybody...

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Happy Valentines Day

Instead of messaging everyone individually am just going to write it hear.


This is really a girls day i think, i think all the guys would agree lol so i hope all you dudes out there make your gfs happy on this special day and treat them like a queen. Hope u all have a Romantic time with your other halfs

Now for everyone else who is single and is sick of the lovey duvey crap that you hear around you today or just personally hates this time of the year dont worry just go grab a few bottles of brew and get wasted the day will soon be over! Ha ha~

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Derby University CSA New Year Party 2009

Derby CSA Party 2009

Few days ago i was invited to the Derby U Chinese Society New Year party and also to celebrate the Lantern Festival. My brother went to cus he is already a student there.

My brother already goes to University there so it was cool for him to be there and enjoy the celebrations with the other chinese students. I felt weird because am not a student anymore and work. So was funny when people asked me if i was in my first year at Uni cus they have never seen me in class before ha ha  

Also Me and by brother dont speak Mandarin only knew few words here and there because we Hong Kong boys, cantonese is what we know. Most of the students were from China so Mandarin was the main language of that party.

But we ended up having a great time, my bro got drunk on wine again! He aint a strong drinker, i was driving so didnt drink. Met some great people and had a lot of laughs. People there made a good atmosphere and were friendly so respect to them all, made me miss being a student haha.  Glad i was invited and went.

These are some of the photos from the night pictures from the Derby U Photographer.

My bro (tallest one in the picture) Ming is the organiser and a good friend (white shirt)

Me and my bros table


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Japanese Food

I love trying and eating different types of food especially chinese and japanese food. Heres a few photots of the japanese snacks ive tried and ate this year.


Japanese pot noodle

These were Cookies i recieved from Japan for Christmas 2008

These are some chocolates i recieved from Japan

Recieved a pack of these, fried breaded fish from Japan

These mini cakes i recieved from Japan this year for my birthday 

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Chinese New Year 2009

These are my Lay Cee that i got for the new year. I used to get like 20 when i was younger. Now 10 years on its gone down lol. But always good to get a few

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Snow Snow Snow

Snow Snow Snow ~

Thats all i can say! What a day. Worse snow ive seen in UK for a long time...

Driving in it was crazy, accidents everywhere. Then having to work in that weather for 6 hours, freezing cold >__<"

  • View of my car outside my house, begining of the snow*

  • My car at work today *

  • My Foot prints in the snow lol *

  • Driving in the snow *

  Driving in the snow 2 

Supposed to worse tomorrow but started to rain through out the evening, so maybe will be okay just very icey  0__0"

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Since last year been really bored of living and working in UK, feel thats theres nothing really here for me   I have family and friends here but been really wanting to go back to HK or even Japan for a change of life and Scene.

Now everyone tells me its hard to find a job in HK even if u have the Quals and experience. That maybe true but if you dont try you dont know, but i have no worries. Deep down inside i have a feeling that i will be okay what ever i decide to do

I want the HK life and culture that you dont get here in the UK which is sad for chinese people over here, i know theres alot of us that feel the same way. Hopefully in a year or two i will get the option to do want my heart wants.

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Recently finished watching the japanese drama episodes of 電車男 (Train man). It is a popular series made few years back which is supposed to be based on a true story. There was so much hype it was unbeliveable.

Story is about a guy in Japan who is a otaku (Nerd, geek). He is played by Ito Atsushi, who is so funny he make u cry. Who one day on a train tries to stop a old drunk guy hassling women on a train. One of the women in perticular he saves (Ito Misaki, beautiful/ innocent) Sends him a thankyou present for his kind heroics. From there he begins to try to date her.

Thats when the circus of antics happen. Its like Beauty and the beast story ha ha.

In a way reason why it was so popular was because alot of men could relate in one way or another with that guy. Theres no place for nice guys in this world when i comes to love. I enjoyed watching it and cracked up laughing throughout the episodes. 9/10

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