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  • Please vote for my 90 sec Short Film

    Friday, Oct 1, 2010 11:37AM / News

    Hi Everyone,

    I made a 90 second short film and it's been shortlisted for the finals of a short film competition.
    But we need votes!

    Please watch and vote if you like it. And share it with Facebook Share button.

    It's about my return to Asia and why. It's called "I am home".
    Pretty much done in stills with a little compact digital camera.

    Am hoping to make more... so do tell me what you think of it. And VOTE!


    Here's the actual link: http://civiclife.sg/competition-filmdetails-vote.php?id=132


    \"I am home...\"


  • Directing 4 short plays...

    Friday, Oct 3, 2008 11:07AM / Standard Entry

    HI Everyone,

    Been busy directing 4 short plays that perform next week.
    The plays are: "Sure Thing", "Answers from the centre of the universe about things unknown.", "Strangers" and "Night".

    All have a common theme - that we don't truly always know the people we think we know and love. It's a fun evening and set in the beautiful surrounds of Portsdown.

    So if you're in Singapore and free next Thursday 9th, Friday 10th or Saturday 11th at 8pm - come along.

    Book online: CLICK HERE
    And here's the map to the location:  CLICK HERE

    Tickets are $20 and there will be mulled wine so you can get drunk before and during the show!

    See you there if you can make it!

    Our little flyer


  • 100m final

    Sunday, Aug 17, 2008 12:48PM / Standard Entry

    Ok just a quick one today.

    Last night I went to two awesome events - first the women's 3m springboard diving semifinal. I had to watch Guo Jing Jing dive - she is just so consistent and a league above the rest. Superb!!

    Then I strolled across to the bird's nest and caught, in a front row seat - just 8m from the track - the 100m mens final. Usain Bolt blitzed the field in 9.69 sec. And that was including his little pull back at the end when he realised he'd won it. He slowed down and had time to pound his chest and look across to the cameras for the photo finish. It seemed so easy for him!! Impressive day of sport.

    Tonight I'm going to catch Singapore in the finals of the women's team table tennis competition - they're up against China so it's going to be tough - but will be exciting I'm sure.

    Here are some piccies - the first one of the stadium from where I was sitting...breath taking - the scale of it.

    And here is the start line for the 100m... you can just make out the athletes I think...

    And of course the winner - taking in the glory...

    It was a beautiful night - clear skies - cool - perfect weather for the final.


  • R&R at the Beijing Olympics

    Saturday, Aug 16, 2008 1:44PM / Standard Entry

    Hi All,

    Continues to be an amazing Olympics games. Singapore won their semi-final match in the table tennis women's team event so they've secured a medal for Singapore - at least a silver. They'll be up against China who are the reigning champions but who knows - there may be a big upset on Sunday. Singapore may get it's first Gold medal at the Olympic games. Was there at the match - never was really into table tennis - but I must say it's a great spectator sport - got so riled up - was screaming for Singapore at the end.

    Also got to see USA vs Greece in basketball - just amazing! The US team is on form and delivered an expected but still thrilling performance.Their precision, their teamwork and physical prowess is just stunning.

    The men's gymnastics final was pretty awesome too - China won of course but the Japanese were pretty good too.

    Had a bit of R&R out at Hou Hai (?spelling) which is one of the oldest parts of Beijing - now a historic site filled with bars, clubs and trinket shops. Still - it's set around a lake and it's a beautiful part of Beijing to chill.

    Finally - we had such great weather the last two days that I simply had to include a few photos of the bird's nest, water cube and a tree lined street next to Peking University...


  • Beijing Olympics

    Wednesday, Aug 13, 2008 2:03PM / Standard Entry

    Hi All,

    Ok - arrived in Beijing just prior to the opening night - and was amazed to find that we managed to get tickets to the opening ceremony! It was so awesome! The drumming, the lighting of the flame, that whole scroll thing. What can I say - I was impressed to bits and more.

    There's still quite a bit of smog around but the last couple of days it rained so it cleared things up a bit. We even had blue skies over the last day or two. Beijing with blue skies is really quite a beautiful city - reminds me a little of NY but a little flatter and more spread out.

    Haven't done many of the big sights yet - tried to get to the great wall - but it was closed till after the cycling I think. Must get back there again. And when things slow down - Tianenmen, Temple of Heaven etc etc.

    Here's me at the opening ceremony - just to prove I was there:

    And here is the water cube and bird's nest stadium by night:

    Well, I actually have to work here so not getting that much R&R time - but whilst I'm working I have managed to catch some table tennis (saw the amazing Chinese team) and badminton so far. Looking forward to maybe the diving, basketball and hopefully some atheletics finals.


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