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Beijing Olympics

Hi All,

Ok - arrived in Beijing just prior to the opening night - and was amazed to find that we managed to get tickets to the opening ceremony! It was so awesome! The drumming, the lighting of the flame, that whole scroll thing. What can I say - I was impressed to bits and more.

There's still quite a bit of smog around but the last couple of days it rained so it cleared things up a bit. We even had blue skies over the last day or two. Beijing with blue skies is really quite a beautiful city - reminds me a little of NY but a little flatter and more spread out.

Haven't done many of the big sights yet - tried to get to the great wall - but it was closed till after the cycling I think. Must get back there again. And when things slow down - Tianenmen, Temple of Heaven etc etc.

Here's me at the opening ceremony - just to prove I was there:

And here is the water cube and bird's nest stadium by night:

Well, I actually have to work here so not getting that much R&R time - but whilst I'm working I have managed to catch some table tennis (saw the amazing Chinese team) and badminton so far. Looking forward to maybe the diving, basketball and hopefully some atheletics finals.

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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
Raffi says :
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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
Raffi says :
maybe you'll run into Jimmy So... he's working there too.
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Photo 36786
倩 程 says :
How happy u r! u got the tickets of the openning ceremony. Is the Great Wall really closed recently? I plan to travel there those days. :-(
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Photo 77474
^_^ i am in beijing too~ but did not come to birds' nest, we watched the openning ceremony in bar in gulou
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Photo 31088
annie wang says :
you really happy&Lucky.
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Photo 49430
晓昀 李 says :
so great !
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Photo 23329
dude that must be some experience cause it raised alot of my hairs at the back of my head from teh excitement of the opening .. i was wow like thru out ....
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Photo 5614
Jane Fong says :
wow this is a nice picture with the reflection in the water... =) it's so awesome that you got to see the Opening Ceremony, it was pretty amazing to watch it on TV, so I can imagine that the LIVE experience must be so much more exciting! Thanks for sharing!!!!
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Photo 23907
Evelyn Chu says :
wow great pictures!
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Photo 23318
china -vs- germany female badmington was amazing!
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Photo 217949
Aisha Saram says :
Nice pic!
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