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Go ahead make my day! screen shot from last night's shoot. #bangbangclubseries #bananamanafilms

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Last night's shoot finished at 4.30am. Stressful trying to get the dialogue between disturbingly off key karaoke from a pub downstairs...But finally got it. Here's some screenshots. Shot on the amazing low light king #sonya7s #bangbangclubseries pilot coming soon! Thanks to Ben Boeglin of Kali Majahapit for the great location and fight choreography

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Loving night shoots. Have time in the day for strolls and stuff! Another late night shoot tonight...excited! #bangbangclubseries #bananamanafilms

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Overnight shoot for the #bangbangclubseries pilot. First day of shoot was incredibly tough with a big fight choreography scene in an alleyway. Thanks to Willy Foo - Photographer, Marketer, Technopreneur for the amazing behind the scenes photos! More pics coming! Thanks to Rena Jiyoung An, Sunwoo Vicky Jang and Min Lee for hair, makeup and cool styling.

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2ND day of shoot for our pilot.. yesterday I did some beating up today I've been beat up... shoot is both exciting and overwhelming ...

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Two assassins face off ... big mountain to climb this week as we start prep and shoot for a monster of a pilot in a whole new genre. Looking forward to it!

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As we go into a pilot shoot... with all the prep that goes into making it it can be overwhelming. But then I saw this and I'm humbled again... Thanks Jarmia Arlus for sharing it.

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And the imaging is done! Our two leads for the pilot shoot next week. Thanks to Rena Jiyoung An, Sunwoo Vicky Jang and Min Lee for the styling, imaging and costume design. We are ready to shoot! Big thanks also to Zinc Korean Hair Salon for their support!

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Before look in my transformation into an assassin for this week's shoot. #zinckoreanhairsalon

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Ouch ouch ouch!

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