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New tracks

I'm having some trouble upload new tracks onto here for some reason but i actually have quite a lot of stuff new that is not on here. Anyway here are some things I've done recently!

This is where I upload newer productions

Here is where I have some live mixes I've done on the decks

And he...Read more

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New tracks up!

It's been a while but I uploaded some new tracks I've done with Verseatile. Talented Rapper/Singer (it's him singing and rapping) from Chi-town. Our new single is up and available for everyone to listen!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmp_uERUCKc

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Finally got my artist account and music up on my page!

Finally got my artist site going and just uploaded a few demo tracks on my site for you guys to check out! 

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Finally got an artist site on Alive Not Dead! Got some new projects coming up so I'll keep you guys updated here   

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