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The Annual "Asia-Pacific Festival & Charity Bazaar" was held at ANA intercontinental holel,Tokyo.was first time to go there, so I'd been looking forward to it.great oppotunity to enjoy local specialities at one time.On the stage, Asian beauties gave professional performance.The Prime Minister's wife, Mrs Akie Abe, appeared as a guest.it was too crowded![](/attachments/2014/04/09/01/42904_201404090101211.thumb.jpg)blirred photo...At each country's booth,its vaious foods and products were sold.something looks familiar to you?The member of the embassies worked in sales, too.Singapore and Malaysia dishes were all sold quickly.Chiba Prefecture from JAPAN.Tokyo Disneyland ocates in Chiba,so Micky's cushion is sold on sale.Now, my quite a story begins.While I was talking with a lady from Brunei, I realized that my paper bag left behind me was disappeared.My wallet and cell phone were in my pochette, so they were OK.however, my ID card, PASMO (auto-rechargeable prepaid IC card), my apartment key-card, and etc were in a paper bag with the packs of local food.couldn't find it at the hotel, so I went to the local police to tell the loss of them.At the same time, I called some companies for card blocking.The replacement for a lost ID card is extremely troubling as you know.should make a written apology, the how and why. actually  I have ever lost it before. I did it again.Then, I got a phone call from a card company. They told me that an  old lady had took my  bag by mistake at the hotel.What a relief !!!!!!!As her house located near from the police station, I went to there in no time.Finally, the bag was returned with cards.To tell the truth,  I almost left my ID case at her house.I was caught up in conversation with her lived in more than 20 countries as a diplomat's wife.hmmm   I'm so HUNGRY now but  feel guilty about snacking at night. 

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Luckily you could get your stuff back. The event sounded interesting!
about 7 years ago
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almost 7 years ago
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Be careful and stay away from Yoyogi park in Tokyo! No Dengue Fever!!!
over 6 years ago
Hi it's me, an old friend of yours. I'm "old", and we've been knowing each other for a long time (actually when i first met you here i was not so old.. sad). Hope you are well.
almost 5 years ago
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Friend!!! Are you there? It`s me - Cheby =))) Dear! Comeback!!!
over 4 years ago


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