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Shed Skin Papa Talk Show @ Tokyo International Film Festival

Thank you for coming all the way!! 

Otsukaresama to Ng's patient son on the stage. ; )

Guest:Roy Szeto(Director/Screenplay), Francis Ng(Actor), Louis Koo(Actor), Jessie Li(Actress), Jacky Cai(Actress), Norihiko Tsukuda(Original Story / Screenplay)

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Were you able to speak with them? :)
over 4 years ago
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I'm fine. Thanks for stopping at my AnD webpage. :)
over 4 years ago
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Hello! Are you there?
over 4 years ago
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It looks like he's about to fall asleep! :-P
over 4 years ago
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I am here too!!! ? Thank you for reply!!! I am happy to see old AND friends!!! ???
about 4 years ago
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Hello! Hope you well !
almost 4 years ago


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