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served with dry ice smoke

Hi my friends! How are you getting along?well, the first post on my recent trip after a long long silence.While leaving my seat,it was brought to our table.This is a nice surprise.Guess what I ordered...Tofu pudding with fresh durian! while eating this, a strange thing happened.A man sitting next to our table disappeared and then staffs moved around in bustle.As it turned out, he run away without paying! I have never been at such a scene.Indeed, he vanished in a puff of smoke just like Ninja. I'm not kidding!anyway, the durian was my dad's favorite fruit, though many people can not stand its smell.He loved durians, mangosteens passion fruit and etc.,cause he had lived in Singapore and Indnesia in his childhood.As the Japanese saying "三つ子の魂 百まで”goes, "what youth is used to, age remembers".When we took the family trip to Thailand, he got a ripe durian at the floating market to enjoy it at our hotel. however the doorman told us "No durian in the room". so ended up eating it in front of the hotel The durians can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong.I regret that I was not able to come here with him in his lifetime.I saw the hydrangea plants in full bloom at the flower market.  though my hydrangea has not been bloomed yet. In Japan they are the  typical flowers that  bloom in the rainy season.Miss you all!!Tell me what is going on with you.

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long time no see! I'm actually visiting Fukuoka right now. I met up with Hodaka Yu-chan today. Have you heard from Hiroko-chan lately?
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i feel hungry
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i think only one province here in our country is producing durian. but i really like this fruit.
almost 8 years ago
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Hi there Yoko! LOL @ the ninja who poofs out without paying! Great blog indeed. Best regards from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
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In Singapore, they won't let you bring the Durians on their subway trains (MRT) either! :) Hope you are doing well. I've been away from AndD for awhile too.
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Hey, it's been so long! Hope you're doing well. :) I have tried durian before, if you can get pass the smell, it's really yummy. :)
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long time not see...
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