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The Annual "Asia-Pacific Festival & Charity Bazaar" was held at ANA intercontinental holel,Tokyo.was first time to go there, so I'd been looking forward to it.great oppotunity to enjoy local specialities at one time.On the stage, Asian beauties gave professional performance.The Prime Minister's wife, Mrs Akie Abe, appeared as a guest.it was too crowded![](/attachments/2014/04/09/01/42904_201404090101211.thumb.jpg)Read more

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served with dry ice smoke

Hi my friends! How are you getting along?well, the first post on my recent trip after a long long silence.While leaving my seat,it was brought to our table.This is a nice surprise.Guess what I ordered...Tofu pudding with fresh durian! while eating this, a st...Read more

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What is your favorite flower?

In the language of flowers,Nadeshiko,dianthus,signifies boldness and bravery.Yeah. thats, so true. Believe in yourself and don't give up.Thank you for the impressive performance, Nadeshiko Japan team!!!! To tell the truth i didnt know the outcome of ...Read more

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amazing job!

Hello, everyone!!  thanks for praying for Japan. i can hear your voice all around.the earthquake  blocked many roads,and  it has made the delivery of relief and medical supplies to the victims extremely difficult. thats the urgent problem.but look!  the sagging, waving Joban expressway for 150meters long repaired within 4 days. I   remember with humble gratitude those brave people who, at this very moment,work hard to restore roads and to work  to contain  nuclear reactor damage in the series of aftershocks and life-threatening condition. thank...Read more

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Thanks friends! I'm OK, 大丈夫(dai-joh-bu)

My dearest AnD friends,Thank you so much for caring about me and my family members. really happy to get your messagesof love and concern from all over the world. definetely each of them gave us great power. AnD is really wonderful!!I have been sticked close to home with my family soon after the earthquake. so went to see my apartment in Shibuya for my first time this afternoon. Its good weather Sunday but there are pleny of seats on train,  far fewer people were walking around town. fortunately there is no damage i...Read more

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a promising singer from AnD : )

The tragedies are happening in many parts of the world. I can do nothing but play  fervently for many people affected by the earthquake and for many people who have been in continuing unrest. wish all to live in peace and comfort as early as possible.well, wanna share some soothing music with you. 

Jaymee, my good AnD friend and a promising artist, really has a sweetly voice!! The good news is that she was a  FINALIST of the Hummingbird Brand New Star Aud...Read more

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How many "Makoto-chan" are there?

according to the calendar Jan 20 is the coldest day of the winter, 大寒. it was a sunny day but chilled to the bone yesterday. and where did I go?? Look,  a boy waves hands to me on the deck!!! it is well-known house of a master of Manga-ka.He is a  leading character in the popular gag manga "Makoto-chan".Read more

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ready for AFC Asian Cup!!!

   Does he look familiar to you?Before Japan's national soccer team sets off for Qatar, the top player,本田圭佑,  Keisuke Honda, participated in Mochitsuki (pounding rice cake ceremony).nowadays, rice cake cooking machine becomes more popular than  Mochitsuki...Read more

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ultimate maid cafe !!??

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_81TcoPkWFc"Obahchan(nanny) maid cafe" has appeared in Ikebukuro. The cafe Rottenmeier names after Mrs. Rottenmeier, the housekeeper, in " Heidi, Girl of the Alps".The maids in 30's with aged make-up greets you ,""Welcome home, Master" (お帰りなさいませ、旦那様! ),"Welcome home, my lady" (...Read more

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Are you surviving the hot summer or the cold winter?

Hi, how are you?It has been a long time since my last blog post. Sorry, the tight schedule took me away from blogging, but am doing well. Thank you for asking, my friends. I'd love to catch up with you over "Mojito".sto...Read more

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