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The Annual "Asia-Pacific Festival & Charity Bazaar" was held at ANA intercontinental holel,Tokyo.was first time to go there, so I'd been looking forward to it.great oppotunity to enjoy local specialities at one time.On the stage, Asian beauties gave professional performance.The Prime Minister's wife, Mrs Akie Abe, appeared as a was too crowded![](/attachments/2014/04/09/01/42904_201404090101211.thumb.jpg)blirred photo...At each country's booth,its vaious foods and products were sold.something looks familiar to you?The member of the embassies worked in sales, too.Singapore and Malaysia dishes were all sold quickly.Chiba Prefecture from JAPAN.Tokyo Disneyland ocates in Chiba,so Micky's cushion is sold on sale.Now, my quite a story begins.While I was talking with a lady from Brunei, I realized that my paper bag left behind me was disappeared.My wallet and cell phone were in my pochette, so they were OK.however, my ID card, PASMO (auto-rechargeable prepaid IC card), my apartment key-card, and etc were in a paper bag with the packs of local food.couldn't find it at the hotel, so I went to the local police to tell the loss of them.At the same time, I called some companies for card blocking.The replacement for a lost ID card is extremely troubling as you know.should make a written apology, the how and why. actually  I have ever lost it before. I did it again.Then, I got a phone call from a card company. They told me that an  old lady had took my  bag by mistake at the hotel.What a relief !!!!!!!As her house located near from the police station, I went to there in no time.Finally, the bag was returned with cards.To tell the truth,  I almost left my ID case at her house.I was caught up in conversation with her lived in more than 20 countries as a diplomat's wife.hmmm   I'm so HUNGRY now but  feel guilty about snacking at night. 

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served with dry ice smoke

Hi my friends! How are you getting along?well, the first post on my recent trip after a long long silence.While leaving my seat,it was brought to our table.This is a nice surprise.Guess what I ordered...Tofu pudding with fresh durian! while eating this, a strange thing happened.A man sitting next to our table disappeared and then staffs moved around in bustle.As it turned out, he run away without paying! I have never been at such a scene.Indeed, he vanished in a puff of smoke just like Ninja. I'm not kidding!anyway, the durian was my dad's favorite fruit, though many people can not stand its smell.He loved durians, mangosteens passion fruit and etc.,cause he had lived in Singapore and Indnesia in his childhood.As the Japanese saying "三つ子の魂 百まで”goes, "what youth is used to, age remembers".When we took the family trip to Thailand, he got a ripe durian at the floating market to enjoy it at our hotel. however the doorman told us "No durian in the room". so ended up eating it in front of the hotel The durians can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong.I regret that I was not able to come here with him in his lifetime.I saw the hydrangea plants in full bloom at the flower market.  though my hydrangea has not been bloomed yet. In Japan they are the  typical flowers that  bloom in the rainy season.Miss you all!!Tell me what is going on with you.

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What is your favorite flower?

In the language of flowers,Nadeshiko,dianthus,signifies boldness and bravery.Yeah. thats, so true. Believe in yourself and don't give up.Thank you for the impressive performance, Nadeshiko Japan team!!!! To tell the truth i didnt know the outcome of a game, until I saw your congratulations in AnD and Twitter. I missed the big play  

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amazing job!

Hello, everyone!!  thanks for praying for Japan. i can hear your voice all around.the earthquake  blocked many roads,and  it has made the delivery of relief and medical supplies to the victims extremely difficult. thats the urgent problem.but look!  the sagging, waving Joban expressway for 150meters long repaired within 4 days. I   remember with humble gratitude those brave people who, at this very moment,work hard to restore roads and to work  to contain  nuclear reactor damage in the series of aftershocks and life-threatening condition. thanks!! 11-3-16:30 ⇒15-3-13:00 Joban  expressway

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Thanks friends! I'm OK, 大丈夫(dai-joh-bu)

My dearest AnD friends,Thank you so much for caring about me and my family members. really happy to get your messagesof love and concern from all over the world. definetely each of them gave us great power. AnD is really wonderful!!I have been sticked close to home with my family soon after the earthquake. so went to see my apartment in Shibuya for my first time this afternoon. Its good weather Sunday but there are pleny of seats on train,  far fewer people were walking around town. fortunately there is no damage in my sparsely-furnished room on the 4th floor. all remains at the correct positions and only the fire extinguisher in the kitchen was down. all of the residents are safe, but some on the upper floors seemed to be scared for their lives, when the heavy bookcases or kitchen cabinets were slipped on the floor and then fallen down. the other had fear to see the cracking wall of his room on the 7th floor. The apartment built 5 years ago and I know it has a seismic reliability. however needs to be made more resistant against giant earthquake!After that, i dropped by Tokyu Hands to get emergency supplies just in case. too late!!  the strage racks were empty. i missed spare flashlights, tabletop stove burner and etc. actually the power cut for 3 hours a day starts Monday. but no need to worry cause we are willing to contribute by trying to save electricity. no need to worry about my starvation, cause ive got enough food (except water bottles, sold out!) at nearby supermarket. I really want to deliver them to suffering people... well, there is something I want to tell you. As you know, the internet and phone lines have been busy, and i rarely use them for those who need the emergency contatcts in affected areas. it took 2 days for my friend from Sendai to confirm her parents safety because of busy line. I'm deeply worried about other AnD friends looking for information on their uncertain families on twitter. give prayers for all safety!! that means, I am away from AnD, twitter (am lazy twitter though) and others for some time. so dont worry if no reply is received. I'M  SAFE. NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. it should be remembered how much I appreciate you all. look forward to chatting with you soon. Take care everyone!!  Love you all!!  Yours always,Yoko

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a promising singer from AnD : )

The tragedies are happening in many parts of the world. I can do nothing but play  fervently for many people affected by the earthquake and for many people who have been in continuing unrest. wish all to live in peace and comfort as early as possible.well, wanna share some soothing music with you. 

Jaymee, my good AnD friend and a promising artist, really has a sweetly voice!! The good news is that she was a  FINALIST of the Hummingbird Brand New Star Audition and won the best performance award    Congrats,Jaymee!!!!!!  am so excited  to hear about that. Hope her pure singing voice will relax your mind in difficult times.GO GO JAYMEE!!  can't wait for your debut! One thing I am  worried about recently is that my profile name seems to be a sensitive word  for them to use. an AnD friend told me...PPS Ive just found  "  Guestbook:  9,999 comments" . wow!! who will be the 10000th? 

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How many "Makoto-chan" are there?

according to the calendar Jan 20 is the coldest day of the winter, 大寒. it was a sunny day but chilled to the bone yesterday. and where did I go?? Look,  a boy waves hands to me on the deck!!! it is well-known house of a master of Manga-ka.He is a  leading character in the popular gag manga "Makoto-chan".actually, the red and white stripes are a Manga-ka's trademark design. I herad that he sold his house in San Francisco few years ago,  and  built this dream home so-called, "Makoto-chan House" in his favorite SF style ( not color ) .how would you  evaluate his design of the house and interior decorating? whole house, you will see Makoto chan and red color stuffs  to ward off evil spirits, according to him.Christmas tree-trimmingon  refrigeratorMakoto-chan& cat eyed boy.more than Makoto-chan, you see  sophisticated decor with his ideas. he began to draw manga when he was in 4th grade. he made the stained-glass based on his first manga drawing. great.The glow of lamp gave the restroom a romantic atmosphere. I seached  the entire house carefully  lol  "Makoto-chan"  is one of his his representative works,but its hard to translatethe fun of japanese gag manga into foreign languages as you know. rather,  漂流教室/ the drifting classroom and his horror mangas become popular overseas. have you ever read them? i used to watch   the television version " Long Love Letter" starring Takako Tokiwa and Yosuke Kubozuka. really liked it. needless to say, his closet is filled with stripe shirtsMaster of manga-ka, Kazuo Umezu, held  a usual pose, "guwashi!!" as I pointed a camera. Umezu sensei  is always cute and friendly with boyish grin.He  celebrated 55  years as a manga-ka last year. When he was invited to Taipei Book Fair performed  " Makoto-chan Ondo". He seemd to be extremely happy to see so many fans in Taiwan. its fun!!Video:

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ready for AFC Asian Cup!!!

   Does he look familiar to you?Before Japan's national soccer team sets off for Qatar, the top player,本田圭佑,  Keisuke Honda, participated in Mochitsuki (pounding rice cake ceremony).nowadays, rice cake cooking machine becomes more popular than  Mochitsuki with a  pestlecrush and barrel. though. Video:, the following pics were taken by mough's friend in the 2010 World Cup, South Africa. I know how valuable they are cause only few pics in this training appeared in Japanese media. am glad to see the real faces of players in training. thanks for nice pics, mhough!! AFC Asian Cup 2011 is just about to kick off. The samurai blue and  Jordan teams compete on 9th.  hmmm  I will lose some sleep over live games.and... if someone will attend the  games in Qatar , do not forget to share their pics with me, please!!!The New Year's period is almost over. in front of neighbors gates or doors  門松(pine decorations) left from Jan.1 to 7,  although there are some regional differences in the period. today they are removed and burned...but this is no time to be sentimental.  YES... hurry on with my regular life. wish you good start of the year!!! 

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ultimate maid cafe !!??

Video:"Obahchan(nanny) maid cafe" has appeared in Ikebukuro. The cafe Rottenmeier names after Mrs. Rottenmeier, the housekeeper, in " Heidi, Girl of the Alps".The maids in 30's with aged make-up greets you ,""Welcome home, Master" (お帰りなさいませ、旦那様! ),"Welcome home, my lady" (お帰りなさいませ、お嬢様! ). In addition they sing songs and perform cooking show to entertain customers. they work with dignity and courtesy and rarely show a grin.Actually  the cafe itself is an art performance in   Festival/Tokyo. too bad  it opens for a limited time only. Saturday, Sunday and  Nov.23, the last day. I urge you to hurry. let's go and see!![](/attachments/2010/11/11/10/42904_201011111026031.thumb.jpg)

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Are you surviving the hot summer or the cold winter?

Hi, how are you?It has been a long time since my last blog post. Sorry, the tight schedule took me away from blogging, but am doing well. Thank you for asking, my friends. I'd love to catch up with you over "Mojito".stopped by my favorite restaurant(spanish, italian), "Rigoletto", after a business meeting in Ginza.As it was early at night, no customers were there except us. however it  has been capturing public attention with its  fine food, reasonable cost and excellent concierge service. Until we left the restaurant, was all full!  the Regoletto's restaurant-chain owner, worked as concierge service at Gonpachi where the former Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi had entertained George W. Bush in the form of favors. his every restaurant is  cool and comfortable  just  you'd expect.Bagna càuda: similar to fondue, but its hot sause is made with garlic, anchovies, olive oil, and cream.  was addicted after one taste, and make it at home to have lots of vegetables. simple and healthy!!  however,  the sauce must   be rich in calories :-pexquisite!! Hey, read any interesting books lately?  between stimulous works i have read some best selling novels in oner. Both are made into movies."告白 Kokuhaku" (profession, confession)Kokuhaku is Kanae Minato's debut novel and won the booksellers award 2009.make the story short, a junior high school teacher and single mother(starring Takako Matsu) gets revenge against some of her students who murdered her 4-year old daughter after her sudden retirement. not bad. however, felt a bitter feeling after I read the book. so havent seen the popular movie  yet." 悪人 Aku-nin"(bud guy, evil man)Yuichi(Tsumabiki,Satoshi) ,happened to kill a woman met on dating website. He once decided to come to the police statiton voluntarily, but changed his mind to get away with another woman, new love. as the details how he raised in and the reason why he murdered her become clearer, my heart pains, feel  close to tears...Starring Tsumabuki Satoshi and Fukatsu Eri, the film AKUNIN enters the World Competition at the Montreal World Film Festival(from August 26 to September 6.) they say the director and cast will appear on the stage at the premier screening. Seeing a movie after you've read the book can be very disappointing. but as long as i saw  its trailer,  looks interesting.really  looking forward to it!!!!excused myself from work for a couple hours, went to the summer-end sales. I'm more into wearing Capri,Bermuda shorts and T-shirt than I was before. the Hawaiian muumuu looks cooler. haha  after just a few minutes walk under the sun, I'm all in sweaty and want to get into a taxi :-p  wanna escape to countries in south hemisphere. Take care, everyone!!!

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